How to Plan a Golf Trip to Bulgaria Without Breaking the Bank

Golf enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet unforgettable experience often overlook Bulgaria, a hidden gem in the realm of golf tourism. With its scenic landscapes, burgeoning golf scene, and wallet-friendly prices, Bulgaria offers a unique blend of culture and sport.

This guide will walk you through planning a cost-effective golf trip to Bulgaria, ensuring you enjoy the best courses without straining your finances.

Finding the Best Time to Visit

play golf in Bulgaria

The best times to visit Bulgaria for golf are late spring (May and June) and early autumn (September and October). During these months, the weather is mild and most suitable for golf. The courses are less crowded, and the green fees are often lower compared to the high season in summer. Moreover, these periods avoid the summer heat, which can be intense, especially in Southern Bulgaria.

Traveling during off-peak seasons not only benefits your wallet but also enhances your playing experience. You’ll encounter fewer tourists and more relaxed play, which means no rushing through your game. Accommodation prices drop significantly outside of the summer and winter peak seasons, allowing you to stay at better hotels for less.

Selecting Affordable Golf Courses

golf field in Bulgaria

Look into golf courses near major cities like Sofia and Varna, as well as those in the region of Balchik. Thracian Cliffs, BlackSeaRama, and Lighthouse Golf Resort offer world-class facilities with varying fees.

Researching and comparing these options can help you find the best value for your money. Sometimes, smaller, less renowned courses provide equally challenging and enjoyable experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Early booking can secure you considerable discounts on green fees. Many Bulgarian golf courses offer early bird specials or reduced rates for booking online, which makes planning golf holidays in Bulgaria not only exciting but also economical.

Additionally, consider package deals that include golf, lodging, and sometimes even meals and transportation, which can lead to greater savings overall and enhance the overall value of your golf holiday in this picturesque country.

Managing Travel and Accommodation Costs

golf on black sea rama

For the best airfares, book your flights as far in advance as possible. Consider flying into Sofia, which is the main international gateway to Bulgaria and often has the cheapest flights. Alternatively, look for flights to Varna or Burgas if you plan to visit the eastern courses. Use price comparison websites to track flight prices and get the best deals.

Bulgaria offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels and apartments. Staying in a resort can be convenient but pricey. To save money, consider hotels or guesthouses a short drive away from the golf courses.

These often offer lower rates and give you a chance to explore more of the local area. Websites like Airbnb can also be valuable for finding affordable lodging, especially for longer stays.


By following these tips, you can enjoy a memorable golf trip to Bulgaria that won’t break the bank. With a bit of planning and flexibility, you’ll experience the rich culture and beautiful greens of Bulgaria all while keeping your spending in check.