19+ Steampunk Anime Girl Aesthetic (Cute Fantasy 2024)

A trend that is hiding in plain sight, the steampunk anime girl aesthetic has been on the rise for decades now. Not sure what it is? Follow along and I will let you in on the details, you just might like it.

Personally, I am not someone who goes to great lengths to show off cute steampunk style, but I do love the intricate details and craftsmanship that often goes into it. In a beautiful blend of fantasy, romance, Victoriana, and gadgetry its complex designs are a sight to behold.

Vampire Steampunk Anime Girl

Victorian Steampunk Anime Girl

Cool Tomboy Steampunk Anime Girl

Alchemist Steampunk Anime Girl

Neko Steampunk Anime Girl

Wolf Steampunk Anime Girl

Zombie Steampunk Anime Girl

Steampunk Anime Girl Warrior

Angel Steampunk Anime Girl With Wings

Cyborg Steampunk Anime Girl

Chibi Steampunk Anime Girl

Mechanic Steampunk Anime Girl

Engineer/Inventor Steampunk Anime Girl

Fantasy Steampunk Anime Girl

Dark Steampunk Anime Girl

Red Hair Steampunk Anime Girl

White Hair Steampunk Anime Girl

Black Hair Steampunk Anime Girl

Blonda Hair Steampunk Anime Girl

What is steampunk?

Steampunk fosters creativity and incredible imagination in its fans by challenging them to see the world in a new way. Combining the elegance of the 19th century with the ingenuity of steam power and new technologies creates the world set in a romanticized utopia that is steampunk.

Originating in the 1980s, steampunk has been gaining popularity for four decades. It was after cyberpunk came into being that steampunk took root as a “tongue in cheek” variant of cyberpunk forming its own movement. Although the two subcultures have an influence on one another, they are different because cyberpunk often had dystopian themes and steampunk usually doesn’t.

The term “steampunk” is believed to have been coined by science fiction author K.W. Jeter as he was searching for a common term to reference the works of himself Tim Powers, and James Blaylock. Other main contributing authors of the steampunk culture are H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Mary Shelley.

What are the different types of steampunk?

There are two main types of steampunk; historical and fantasy.

Historical steampunk film and literature are usually set in historical settings (the 19th century) presenting an alternate history of some kind. It would have real places and historical figures, yet different technologies and events. Often times it takes place after the industrial revolution has begun but before electricity has become widespread, with steam power or spring-propelled gadgets being the emphasis. Historical steampunk also emphasizes science fiction more than fantasy. A few examples include League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Girl Genius (webcomic), Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the sky, and most recently the new Sherlock Holmes.

Fantasy steampunk film and literature will usually be set in a fantasy realm that includes legendary creatures and steam-era technologies. This variant of the steampunk movement is much more widespread and can be found in many of today’s video games, movies, and books. Video games like World of Warcraft include characters such as the tech-savvy gnome race. Other movies include it as well; for example, the Golden Compass, Hellboy, and even Disney tried their hand at it with Treasure Planet.

What is steampunk style outfit?

To the individual fan of steampunk style (a steampunker), it provides a new channel for self-expression. Corsets, gowns, petticoats, bustles, frock coats, vests, and top hats are blended with oversize goggles, ancillary wings, compasses, and other various DIY accessories, sometimes including military-inspired garments.

There are talented few who can craft for themselves intricate hair falls that make it appear that they have electrical cables sprouting from their heads; others can craft shiny brass robotic-looking limb covers to make it appear as if they were part cyborg or steampunk robots from an older era.

There are also the tinkerers who like to create retro-looking versions of modern technologies such as cell phones, computers, and flash drives. Finally, there are those who would simply cosplay the idea and dress up on occasion in their steampunk best.

Where to learn more about steampunk style?

In 2006, the steampunkers finally got a convention, SalonCon. There were musicians such as Voltaire and Abney Park, authors such as Catherynne M. Valente and Ekaterina Sedia, and even a parade hosted by G.D Falksen and Evelyn Kriete. In addition to that, there were various artists all showing their amazing works, workshops and panels, ballroom dance instruction, and a séance. This event sounds like it would have been a ton of fun to go to and it really sucks that SalonCon is no longer in existence.

However, I did some hunting and found another con for all of you to flock to! It’s called Steamcon. If that isn’t in your local areas… try Googling steampunk conventions and you will likely find them near you as well since the movement has gained so much popularity.

Best steampunk anime movie list

  • Galaxy Express 999
  • Arcadia of My Youth
  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky
  • Windaria
  • Robot Carnival
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Metropolis (2001 Film)
  • Monkey Typhoon
  • Last Exile
  • Kino’s Journey
  • D.Gray-man
  • Samurai 7
  • Simoun
  • Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)
  • Broken Blade
  • Baccano!
  • Hollow Fields
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Last Exile – Gin’yoku no Fam
  • War of the Worlds: Goliath
  • Hullabaloo: A 2D Steampunk Animated Film
  • The Empire of Corpses

Best steampunk anime list

  • Giant Robo
  • Future Boy Conan
  • Sherlock Hound
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
  • Kaiketusu Jouki Tanteidan (Steam Detectives)
  • Queen Emeraldas
  • Turn A Gundam
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Steamboy
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa (2005)
  • Clockwork Sky
  • The Case Study of Vanitas (Vanitas no Carte)
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  • Princess Principal
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • Clockwork Planet
  • Violet Evergarden

Famous steampunk anime girl characters list

  • Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
  • Princess Principal
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Sakura Taisen: Katsudou Shashin (Sakura Taisen: The Movie)
  • Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

Thus ends our list of the best steampunk anime girl aesthetics. Of course, with a genre as expansive as steampunk, there are still countless others that are worthy of mention. If one comes to your mind, please do mention them in the comments.

Overall it’s a style that I have been in love with for years and I thought I should bring it to the forefront for all to see.

Read this to see more anime girl styles, and this for the kawaii aesthetics list. Until then, I’ll see you on the next list with StyleKawaii.com!