World Of Warcraft Cosplay: 7+ Cute Characters For Gamers

Azeroth’s inhabitants have come through the computer screen and into our conventions!

After playing World of Warcraft for 2 years collectively, (Level 80 Bloodelf Warlock here) I find myself drawn to the artwork, humor, and cosplay surrounding the game. I have always wanted to attend Blizzcon and walk around amongst the creativity of the crowd, but alas, I have not had the opportunity thus far. So rather than see it first hand, I watch from the Internet and try to find what I consider the best costumes.

Searching around for cosplay pictures of WoW showed me that everyone wants to be an Elf! I found tons and tons of Bloodelf and Nightelf photos, but could not find any good Orc, Gnome, or Dwarf costumes. So I guess it’s fitting that I begin the article pictures with the Elf selections.


First off we have this stunning Bloodelf that has admittedly been enhanced slightly through the use of photoshop. The only enhancements were to the eyes (so that they would glow) and to the staff (so that it would have a glowing orb in the middle). The costume itself is incredibly well done and intricate. I was not able to find a profile page to link to for this cosplayer, but her name was listed as Crimson King.


Next up we have another enhanced photo of an Elf, a Nightelf this time. The enhancements are again not to the costume itself so I saw no harm done. This photo did not have any credit that I could find, so I am sorry for that. Sadly, this will have to be a beautifully anonymous costume.

Sylvannas Windrunner was once a Nightelf, but she was brought back to “life” as an undead creature. She later became the leader of the Forsaken faction of the Undead who ally themselves with the Horde. Since Sylvannas is pretty much another kind of Elf altogether, I thought I would include this amazing costume of her. This was cosplayed by Lucifer, and you will need to use Google translate to read her page (if you speak English).

Undead Warlock

Most of the undead costumes I saw looked a bit like Halloween gone wrong. Luckily I kept on looking and found this completely amazing photo (found on this profile, but that is not the person who actually cosplayed it. You can find the artist behind this work at her website.) This is the best Undead Warlock photo I have ever seen, I can’t even imagine how hard the costume was to craft.


Speaking of complicated costumes, this Draenei is phenomenal. Her profile on even goes into detail as to how she created the hooves from a pair of her boots that she cut the heels off of. Also, she was pretty smart and didn’t try to paint her whole body, she actually made a blueish bodysuit as part of her costume. The horns are also handcrafted and this costume is amazing from head to toe. You can find her profile here.


Troll costumes were hard to come by, in fact, I almost couldn’t find any decent ones at all. Thankfully the wealth of talent on DeviantArt didn’t let me down. I found this Troll cosplay and was incredibly impressed. The hair is made from wool and glued to a bald cap so that it could be just right, and the details in the costume are awesome. You can find this Troll’s profile here.

Avatar Raiment

Although you might think that finding a Human costume would be super simple… it wasn’t. As I stated at the top of this article, everyone wants to be an Elf, so there weren’t many humans to choose from. This costume is the Avatar Raiment Priest Tier 5 set, and it is completely handcrafted. I am truly blown away by the craftsmanship involved in this costume, everywhere you look there is a complicated detail pulled off seemingly effortlessly… even her staff is amazing. She does many other costumes as well… including the ever-popular Elf. Check out her profile here.


The last race I could find was a Tauren, and the best costume I found is in video format rather than photo format. I did find a few photos of Tauren costumes, but they all looked a little too mascot for my liking. This video shows one girl getting into her Tauren costume and hers is fantastic!

So there you have it, all the races I could find in cosplay form. Does anyone have a costume they would like me to add to the article? I hate that this isn’t complete!