6 Expert Advantages To Using A Spider Crane For Your Next Construction Job

Project managers are constantly looking for new ways to simplify and streamline jobs that need to be done around their construction sites. For one thing, finding machines that can fit into smaller spaces without delaying the workflow can be challenging.

One of the top ways to overcome this issue is by opting for spider crane hire which makes working in smaller spaces considerably easier. If your company has never used a spider crane, you may be wondering what distinguishes this machine from an average crane. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers you need.

What is a Spider Crane?

With its unusual name, a spider crane draws a lot of attention! You’ll be even more impressed when you see how it works. Unlike other cranes, a spider crane works by using four outriggers (legs) to stand and lift the crane’s body. Since the outriggers move the crane body, it creates an arachnid-like appearance.

These highly specialised and innovative machines were originally designed to take on job functions where more conventional cranes can’t fit into the spaces. Also referred to as mini-crawlers, these cranes can even work indoors, making it possible to use them in warehouses or other large buildings.

Stand-Out Features of Spider Cranes

Stand-Out Features of Spider Cranes
Source: spectrumarchitectural.com

Some of the features that make spider cranes stand out include the following:

  • Compact body: The small design allows for easy navigation.
  • Crawlers: It’s these crawlers that give the machine its distinctive spider name. They enable the machine to move around in smaller spaces.
  • Outriggers: These are used to stabilise the crane’s body and enable the crane to lift the same amount of weight as traditional cranes. Furthermore, they enable spider cranes to stand properly even on uneven terrain.

Advantages That Make Spider Cranes Worth Considering

Using spider cranes is becoming more popular on job sites around Australia and with good reason. Let’s take a look at the top advantages that make these cranes many construction company’s go-to machines.

Excellent For Confined Spaces

The top benefit of using a spider crane is that they require very little space to set up. You will easily be able to perform job functions in narrow or limited spaces where conventional cranes won’t fit. Additionally, since these cranes are mobile, they move to where you need them with little effort.

Can Handle Heavy Loads

Can Handle Heavy Loads - spider crane
Source: kkeoghcraneservices.ie

With their small size, you may be fooled into thinking that these machines have a small weight capacity. However, the smallest spider cranes can carry as much as half a ton while bigger versions can manage a maximum of four tons.

In some instances, a larger spider crane can be used to raise a smaller spider crane to a higher floor where the “little” machine can do the necessary work.

Easily Works on Rough Terrain

Despite the size of the larger conventional cranes, they often can’t be placed in a particular area until the terrain has been cleared. This takes time and could delay the project.

Fortunately, spider cranes don’t have this requirement. They can easily perform a host of lifting projects on the most uneven and rough terrain. For the most part, this happens because their outriggers have been designed to stabilise the machine on just about any surface. With a tracked mobility element, it’s also easy to travel from one site to another, even over challenging terrain.

Minimal Site Disruption

Anyone who has ever moved and set up a traditional crane will agree that it can be both challenging and time-consuming. Furthermore, there are also site disruptions and transport factors to consider.

With the spider crane’s compact size, fewer measures need to be put in place to install and use the machine. Depending on the site and the job at hand, work in the surrounding area can go on, uninterrupted.

Reliable Safety Features

Reliable Safety Features
Source: vertikal.net

Another huge plus point is that the smaller spider cranes have excellent safety features. In fact, many units are equipped with some of the more technologically intelligent functions available on the market.

A few of the general safety features to make use of include the following:

  • Safe load indicator installed to prevent the crane from lifting more than its capacity.
  • Work area limitation feature to ensure the crane is used correctly.
  • Outrigger interlocks to facilitate chassis stabilisation.
  • Variety of turnover protection elements to eliminate tipping risk.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Since spider cranes use the same or even less energy to operate, they don’t increase the carbon footprint on the job site. This is excellent news if your company is conscious about adopting environmentally-friendly practices.

Additionally, many components are designed to operate fume-free lifts, making them perfect for operators who are working in sensitive environments.

Final Thought

There’s no need to spend time looking for solutions beyond these machines. With a variety of sized spider cranes available for hire, you can easily find the best one for the job at hand. Take the stress out of your next project by opting for a spider crane!