Vaporwave Aesthetic Room Ideas

OriginThe early 2010s
MeaningVaporwave aesthetic is a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. Vaporwave girl aesthetic is closely associated with raving or just good old-fashioned partying, and the old Hippie culture.
Key ColorsNeon colors
Key MotifsThings that vaporwave in the dark and/or under UV light, such as lasers, arcades, neon signs.
Personality MatchOptimism
Clothes StyleDark color outfits with vibrant prints or elements.
Hairstyle– Brightly-Colored Hair that’s been dyed with UV-reactive colors
– Long shinny Hair
– colorful streaks
Room Decor Style– Neon signs
– Vaporwave Wall Art
– Colored Mood Lighting
– Patterned Flooring
– Chrome Fixtures and Fittings
Makeup Look– Neon nail polish
– glowing lipstick
– heavy blush
– attractive mascara
Associated Music– EDM
– Lo-Fi
– Synthwave
– Vaporwave
– Acidwave
– Psychedelica
– Chiptune
Associated Activities– Raves
– Laser Tag
– Arcades
– Black Light Bowling
– Black Light Miniature Golf
– Roller Skating
What are the different types of Vaporwave girls?– Purple vaporwave aesthetic
– Vaporwave anime aesthetic
– Vaporwave kawaii aesthetic
– Vaporwave retro aesthetic
– Vaporwave sailor moon aesthetic
– 80s vaporwave aesthetic