Kawaii Plushies (24+ Cute & Soft Aesthetic Gifts Perfect For 2024)

Snuggle with one of these cute kawaii plushies for the perfect night’s sleep – you might even have to snooze your alarm a few times.

Kawaii Food Plushies

These cookie plushies will give you a sweet tooth with their cuteness!

Plushies have a special place in my heart that reminds me of more innocent times in childhood. As I squeeze the softness and inhale the polyester scent of filling I am transported to sunny days and blue skies.

These plushies happen to be cookies, another love of mine! Imagine if you baked some cookies for the scent, and then snuggled up with these adorable little guys. That would be a small piece of heaven right there.

Fresh from Shanalogic comes two little cookie plushies and even a cookie plush keychain to go along with them so that you can take your fun on the road! There is a whole and happy cookie, and also a sad cookie with a bite taken out… poor cookie, it’s too yummy for its’ own good!

Small Kawaii Plush

Lumas beyond the Super Mario Galaxy!

What better way to play the Super Mario Galaxy than with your own Luma keeping you company?

Super Mario Galaxy always has me really excited so I was searching online for more information about it. I immediately thought back to the Lumas and how much I love them. Lumas are the little star-like creatures in Mario Galaxy that have a teardrop kind of shape to them. Lumas can transform from minor planetoids to entire galaxies and most of them call the Comet Observatory home. All the Lumas seem to think of Rosalina as their “mama”; she commands the Comet Observatory and it is her duty to watch over the cosmos. Throughout the first Mario Galaxy, the Lumas assist Mario in his usual routine of rescuing the Princess.

If you want some plushie support on the couch or gaming chair with you then I suggest you hurry and pick one up!

In addition to the Lumas, there is another interesting creature that captured my attention during my research. It is known as a Squitten (half kitten-half squid) and is super adorable! Also, there are Katamari Damacy creations available. They are pretty interesting so I suggest you stop by, have a look, and add to the cart for the next gift season.

Kawaii Anime Plushies

Name: Rytlock Brimstone, Rank: Tribune Plushie. Reporting for Duty!

As one of the toughest and most widely known Charr around, Rytlock Brimstone is the best plushie you could have defended your Black Citadel.

For those of you who have never played Guild Wars, the Charr are a race that is half cat, half-man. Not a house cat, that would be ridiculous. No, they are more like lions, panthers, leopards, or cheetahs. The Charr are a mighty race of warriors, trained for battle from a young age. Banded together by both legion and Warband, they fight. They are at war with the human race for the lands of Ascalon. The Charr feel that the humans took those lands from them and they will not stop until they have crushed the humans beneath their mighty warrior claws and retake the Ascolonian lands for themselves.

That way of thinking lasted for over 250 years… until now. Now there is a mutual threat to all of Tyria that they must work together with the humans and other races in order to defeat. The Charr have (at least temporarily) set aside their differences in the face of that common enemy, the Elder Dragons.

Rytlock Brimstone is a Tribune of the Blood Legion. He is feared by many and wields the legendary flame sword Sohothin, which once belonged to the human Prince Rurik. He was once a member of the adventuring guild, Destiny’s Edge. His fellow Charr still regards him as being strange for his alliance with a human within Destiny’s Edge. They also question his loyalty to it since the guild was formed before the peace treaties were in place with the humans. Rytlock is quick to silence those who would doubt him as he no longer considers Logan Thackeray to be an ally and distrusts the human race.

Rytlock is a fitting character to be turned into a plushie for sure! He can stand guard for you, annihilating your enemies and vanquishing the monsters in your closet. Treat him well and be wary not to betray his trust though or you may find yourself without an ally when you need him.

ArenaNet commissioned an AMAZING cosplay costume to be made for Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The costume itself was created by Nimba Creations and it is phenomenal. They used techniques that are commonly used in movie special effects to create a realistic and lifelike representation of what Rytlock Brimstone would look like if he were in our world rather than an online MMO.

The costume as described in detail by its creator nimbafx on the forums of The FX Lab:

Almost everything you see here is cast in good old-fashioned latex. The sculpts were done on a grp body cast in wet clay Plaster moulds were made and the painted-in latex skin was filled with a nice light, flexible urethane foam (Mouldlife’s M2). 

The skirt is based on a Scottish ‘great kilt’ (well we had to didn’t we?!) and the belt buckle is actually an antique Indonesian saucer carved from a coconut shell that we found at an antique fair in a tiny village hall near the coast… always nice to add a genuine bit of character and history in there to really sell it  

The hair is made up of a number of shades of hair extensions, mixed and laid up by hand and then styled to keep the shape of the head and face. The horns are made from a real cow and water buffalo “hardware” but cast in a light, rigid foam. The eyes are taxidermy lion eyes and the teeth are heavily modified taxidermy teeth. 

None of these images are in any way mine, nor am I trying to claim them. Many images are from the ArenaNet Flickr photostream Close-up detail images of Rytlock Brimstone plushie are from ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 website. Purchase your Rytlock Brimstone here!

Now I just have to hold out hope for an Asura plushie. Oh, how I would adore getting my hands on a Zojja in plushie form!!! I really hope that as the release of Guild Wars 2 draws closer they will expand upon their merchandise to include not just more plushies, but also t-shirts and hoodies with the artfully designed logo on them or possibly some of the drool-worthy artwork they have shown us. If you could get your hands on any type of Guild Wars 2 merchandise – what would you want? Tell me in the comments!

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Kawaii Cat/Kitty Plush

Cutest and softest plushies, perfect for all your kawaii needs!

Kawaii Felt Plushies

Get in love with your furry friend right now! These kawaii stuffies are the perfect gifts for someone kawaii.

Find a suitable plush that you love and bring them to your room by purchasing them at a cheap price to soothe your soul. All of the products are at super affordable prices so that you can order them without any hesitation.