Hime Lolita: Home Remedies To Enhance, Protect & Maintain Your Pale Skin Tone

There is a recent post on the EGL community on Livejournal concerning the attainment and maintenance of pale skin. As per usual with these types of topics, the post is polluted with defensive insecure race wank, and insufferable LJ-esque snarkery. There are some pretty good tips and advice, so I decided to collect them in an efficient post for those who would be interested.

If you are into Hime Lolita or just healthy pale skin for any type of Lolita, this post is for you.

Note: home remedies are probably best for people who are already light-skinned and want to enhance, protect or maintain their pale skin tone. 

If you are naturally tanned or dark, then please consider that your body and genetics deem what is best for you based on the amount of sun exposure you get. Freckles and natural tans are there to protect your skin from UVA/B rays that are in your environment.

Once your skin no longer needs them due to a lifestyle change, or use of protection like SPF, some tans and freckles may diminish but it is important not to force this process through harmful bleaching unless you plan on being sun-conscious all of the time.

I went through every thread to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but I left out possibly harmful products such as cosmetic skin whitening and bleaching kits/creams and things that I could not verify the ingredients and efficacy of. It’s never worth it if you’re not confident that the method is safe!

How To Take Care Of Your Pale Skin?

Pale skin can be very beautiful when it is well taken care of, but the “well taken care of” part is key. It is more delicate and does lend to potentially quicker aging which is why I think it is higher maintenance than darker skin tones and is why cleansing, exfoliation, healing, and protection are essential to reap the full benefits.

  • Melt glycerin tabs and mix one tab with rosewater and 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice. Use as a mask and keep away from eyes.
  • Rubbing pure lemon directly on the skin is very drying and harsh. Always mix with something gentle.
  • Exfoliate with scrub, wear SPF all over, carry a parasol (I’ve actually seen a few Asians using them in cities so it’s not that uncommon), and use a UV-protective clothing wash (!!!)
  • If avoiding the sun is one of your techniques, take vitamin D! I recommend against drinking milk, unless it is free range organic from a local farmer you trust.
  • Drinking a lot of water and green tea helps keep (paler) cells renewed, as well as eating dark, fresh fruits and vegetables, which also boosts anti-oxidant protection against the sun and environment.
  • Take omega 3 fatty acid supplements. This is better than eating fish because of contaminants.
  • Wear sunglasses when you are outside. They cover the delicate skin around the eye as well.
  • Cover up your arms, legs and chest unless it is very hot out. In which case, apply SPF.
  • Grind rice into a coarse powder and use as an exfoliator.
  • Lemon juice, oats, and milk can be made into a mask. Efficacy citation needed.
  • Mix juice from a whole lemon with 1/2 avocado, vitamin E oil, and honey.
  • If you do outside sports, try to do them in the evening to avoid sun exposure. I play tennis at night, partly for this reason, but also there is no blinding hot sun and there are less people around.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Pale Skin?

Here are some common misconceptions and anomalies about pale skin.

  • Being pale doesn’t mean you’ll get skin cancer any more than someone who tans. So long as you take your vitamin D and protect yourself, your body should take care of the rest.
  • Being pale doesn’t mean you will look red or blotchy. That has to do with having cool/pink undertones verses warm/yellow undertones. Pale does not mean you look good in silver.
  • Not everyone who is pale gets sunburned for the same reason that not everyone who is pale is Northern European.
  • It is true that blemishes, moles, freckles, and undereye circles are all more apparent with pale skin. The above skin care remedies can be used just on freckles, and your regular skin care regimen (that includes diet and exercise) should take care of preventing blemishes. For undereye creams, I’m thinking of looking into either finding or creating one that contains the two most powerful ingredients to combat circles: vitamin K and retinol. But for the lazy way out, there is always make up.

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