Lolita Hairstyles Guide To Match Your Kawaii Fashion

It is a rule of thumb that face shape determines the type of hairstyle a person has. This is also true for the Lolita fashion because different fashions may fit different face types. At one time, “Lolita hairstyles” were a concern, but we live in a time where everyone seems to wear their hair however they like. As a matter of fact, many girls wear very short hairstyles and they look fine.

To find your perfect Lolita fashion hairstyle, the following two tips will help you:

Match Your Hairstyle With Your Lolita Clothing

Rich black or platinum blond is the style that makes up the Lolita hairstyle. The cut is usually no longer than the shoulder and consists of heavy curls. By utilizing the tips provided by a hairstylist, you can find a hairstyle that will go with the Lolita clothing that you choose, or can choose your clothing based on your hairstyle.

Here is some advice on the Lolita hairstyle:

  1. Gothic Lolita – Straight hair with smoky eyes. A headdress could be used in this instance.
  2. Casual Lolita – A casual hairstyle with modest and elegant makeup.
  3. Sweet Lolita – Bouncy curls and teased out pigtails.
  4. Hime Lolita – Natural makeup with a princess-like hairstyle looks classy. Bows, pearls, and roses are perfect for this style.
  5. Kuro Lolita and Shiro Lolita – Shiro is totally white, while Kuro is black. The hairstyle is a casual one.

The most important when choosing a Lolita hairstyle is to save money and have fun. By having the perfect Lolita hairstyle for you, you can also choose the best Lolita dresses to complete your new look.

Match The Shape Of Your Face

Recommending a hairstyle is highly dependent upon face shape, plus Lolita has been responsible for practically every hairstyle. However, you should find your own face type before you can make it Lolita style. For the square-shaped face, stylists aim for a gradually layered cut. This makes their face look softer. However, remember that no two faces are the same and that the same look won’t work on everyone with the same shaped face.

If your face is round, apply your blush to your cheeks differently than someone with high cheekbones. As for your hair, short cuts with volume or long cuts with the volume on the sides can complement your face.  If you have an oval square face, virtually any style can work.

You can ask your hairstylist what styles look best on you. Make sure you arrive with several choices because you know your stylist will tell you that at least one works.

Take these tips into consideration and make your look more fantastic than ever. See you at my next guide!