How To Have A Plant Mom Aesthetic? (Beginner Guide)

What is a plant mom?

You’ve probably seen it everywhere on social media platforms, but have you tried it?

The plant mom aesthetic is also known as Plant Parent or Plantcore aesthetic. A guy who enjoys the aesthetic is called Plant Dad or Plant Papa. The aesthetic means the style of ladies who are particularly drawn to plants and nature. Plant moms take care of their plants like babies. This aesthetic can be seen in various forms, such as preferring natural fabrics over synthetic materials for outfits, using organic products, and preferring minimalistic design.

What are plant mom aesthetic colors?

The plant mom color scheme draws inspiration from different types of plants, flowers, and nature. There are a few colors that are particularly popular for the plant mom aesthetic, that include shades of green, soft yellow, baby blue, mustard, muted colors, earth tones, brown, white, beige and olive.

Popular patterns that are used as symbols of the aesthetic include sunflower, cactus, Monstera Albo leaves, pot plants, wooden guitars, oil painting art kits, succulents, vintage cameras, bugs and coffee mugs, etc.

What do plant mom aesthetic fans like?

Plant moms like activities related to plants and nature, such as gardening, going for walks in the woods, taking picnics with friends, reading, doing photography using retro instant cameras, flower picking or pressing, decorating the bedroom with houseplants and indoor plants.

How to start being a plant mom?

Being a plant mom can be a fun and rewarding activity, but it can also be a daunting task for beginners.

You should start with one pot plant, use a pot that is the right size and shape, then fill it with soil and plant your chosen plants in it. Once you have your plant pot, water the plants regularly and then decorate the pot as you see fit. Once you have some experience, you are ready to scale up your plant collection and decorate for a plant mom room aesthetic.

Make sure to be consistent with your vibe. Plant parents have a lifestyle around taking care of beautiful plants. You can find a list of cute plant mom essentials for beginners in this guide (great gift ideas too!).

How to be a plant mom with cats?

When it comes to moms with cats and plant babies indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your plants healthy and free of cat hair, follow these tips:

First of all, make sure the plant is pet-friendly and not poisonous (Here is a full list of indoor houseplants that are pet friendly). Second, make sure the plant has a sturdy base so it doesn’t topple over easily. Third, it is the best to keep your cats away from plants if you are unsure. Not only do cats like to scratch the houseplants, but they also can contaminate the plants with their urine and feces.

How to be a good plant mom?

A good plant mom always makes sure that the plant has enough sunlight and air circulation. The plant babies also need regular watering and fertilizing. Be sure to clean the plant’s leaves and stem regularly so that it stays healthy. You should also get creative and give each of your plant babies a name. Check your plant babies regularly for their health, take aesthetic photos for them to record their growth. Make sure the plant babies are happy as that is the way to make you, the plant mom, happy.

Plant Mom Aesthetic Clothing

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to include the plant mom aesthetic in your outfit style.

Plant Mom Aesthetic Room

There’s so much you can do to give your home a little more nature-love. And don’t worry if you are a beginner at indoor gardening, there are so many resources available these days that can help you keep your plants happy and healthy.

  • Choose a plant that will look good in your room or on your desk. Be sure to water your plant regularly and fertilize it as needed.
  • Choose the right container. Make sure the container you choose is large enough to fit the number of plants you plan to grow, but not so large that it becomes overwhelming or difficult to care for. Try to find a container that has good drainage so your plants won’t get waterlogged.
  • Choose the right type of soil. Containers need soil that is rich in organic matter and has good drainage qualities.
  • Choose the right plant for the right place for the best plant positioning, some plants need specific care, others thrive on neglect.

Here’s a quick plant mom aesthetic room guide to help get you started! Check it out to get some tips for adding plants to your space.

You should also know plant mom aesthetic room is just one style, if you like plants then you can see the full spectrum of different plant room aesthetic types HERE.

Plant Mom Aesthetic Origin, History

We start to see the name on social media platforms in the 2010s. Similar aesthetics include:

  • Cottagecore aesthetic
  • Soft girl aesthetic
  • Vintage aesthetic
  • Indie aesthetic
  • Hipster aesthetic
  • Grunge plant mom aesthetic
  • Art hoe aesthetic
  • Retro aesthetic
  • Boho aesthetic
  • Artsy aesthetic
  • Fairycore aesthetic
  • Plantcore aesthetic
  • Art mom aesthetic
  • Witchcore aesthetic
  • Dark academia aesthetic
  • Bloomcore aesthetic
  • Earthcore aesthetic
  • Natural Philosophy aesthetic
  • Naturecore aesthetic
  • VSCO aesthetic

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