9+ Best Ideas for Figure Display [Beginner Guide]

Action figures are a kind of collection that may be enjoyed by people of any age. In the middle of all of our activity and bustle, action figures certainly have their own unique kind of enjoyment, ranging from the most affordable to the most costly. Action figures are generally scaled-down representations of movie, anime, and video game characters. These tiny copies of the actual thing with accurate dimensions and characteristics have become a subculture and way of life.

Those of you who have amassed a large collection of action figures will likely be pleased to display them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Having too many action figures, though, may make a place seem cluttered. This post shows some unique ways to decorate a room using action figurines, which may function as storage and design elements.

Figure Display Stand

Peg Stand

If your figurines have peg holes, your best choice is to use peg stands to display them. Turn your action figure upside down and check the bottom of each foot for a round aperture. Simply slip the aperture on the foot over the elevated peg, and your figure will stand up.

  • These pegs are only available in a few sizes. You can determine the kind of peg you need by measuring the aperture. The most popular selections are 3/32 of an inch (0.24 cm), 1/8 of an inch (0.32 cm), 127/1000 of an inch (0.32 cm), and 143/1000 of an inch (0.36 cm)
  • Check the packaging or online to see whether a popular action figure brand is compatible

Waist Stand

Waist stands are ideal for displaying your figure in a distinctive stance. Waist stands are tiny platforms with a 4–6-inch (10–15 cm) adjustable bracket. Simply place your figure’s waste within the bracket to prevent it from moving. You are able to alter the stance of the figure without having to worry about the figure’s feet being absolutely level on the base, which is not possible with a peg stand.

  • Make sure the bracket suits your physique by buying it in person or checking online
  • These stands only fit human-shaped action figures.

Flight Stand

When you need a figure to seem to be flying, flight stands are an excellent choice. At the top of these stands, there are either little hooks or prongs. Look at the point where the legs meet the hips to determine which figure is on top as there is normally a slight gap. 

  • You may need to adjust these stands to balance your figure
  • You may construct your own flying stand by boring a hole in a piece of solid wood and then inserting a wooden skewer into the hole
  • You can also spray paint it to coordinate the color with the figure
  • A great approach to have Spiderman swing across buildings or Batman jump into action

Action Figure Display Shelves

IKEA’s figure display shelves are the most popular low-cost options for figure collectors. This shelving unit has shelves that are movable, allowing you to modify the distance between the shelves to better suit your requirements. Ideal for use with figures and statues of any size, as well as almost any other kind of collection. Check our guide and learn how to organize better.

  • You can shift the hinges on these action figure display shelves horizontally or vertically.
  • Glass panels prevent dust off of your action figures while yet allowing you excellent visibility of them.
  • However, these shelf units lack built-in illumination

DIY Action Figure Display Case [Easy for Beginner]

If you are considering DIY a display case for your unorganized action Figure, here is a beginner guide for you. 

Supplies needed: 

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wooden picture frame
  • 25mm x 50mm wooden baton
  • Clear Perspex 
  • Mirrored Perspex
  • Glue 
  • Paint 
  • L brackets
  • Screws
  • Glue 

Step 1: Extend the Frame

To begin, you will need to take measurements along the inner border of the frame so that you can construct the box on the rear of the frame. After that, trim the wooden battening to a size that will fit within the frame’s back. When putting together the frame, use the L brackets. Apply the wood glue to the joints in the frame in order to secure them.

Step 2: Choose the Layout of Your Figure

When you have finished constructing the structure for the back box, you will have a better idea of how much room you have to work with. Therefore, you can arrange your action figures in such a way that they could all be contained inside the frame. Having this information will make it easier for you to determine how many shelves you need and how far apart they should be.

Step 3: Extend the Frame again

The rear enclosure was the first part to be painted black. You will glue together several little plastic runners to serve as shelf supports, using the sizes and spacing that you had determined from arranging the figurines before. After that, you will attach the back casing to the front frame using a screw.

Step 4: Put Up Your Figures

At this stage, you may get started placing the figurines on each of the layers! After determining where each figure would stand, you might put a little quantity of double-sided tape to the feet of every figure and then glue the figures to the shelf before adding them to the frame. Then repeat for each shelf until the frame is full.

Step 5: Finish Your Setup

It is also recommended to add a layer of mirrored acrylic to the back of the display case for better visibility of your figures. Once all the figures are in the frame and the back is on it’s time to stand back and admire the collection of action figures you have collected! 

Figure Display Bookshelves

Bookshelves are one example of a piece of furniture that has a dual function. If you don’t spend a lot of time reading but have a large collection of action figures, you may want to think about repurposing your underused bookshelves into display cases for your collections. The use of bookshelves is a simple and effective method for maintaining order in a collection. 

  • You won’t need to relocate, unlock, or disassemble anything to clean or access your assets.
  • If you have enough LEGO sets (and enough space to display them all), you may also make separate shelves for various themed sets.
  • Books are still your most important asset here, check out our favorite fantasy series!

Action Figure Glass Cabinet

Displaying a figure collection in a glass cabinet is classic if you have the space and budget. This amazing illustration takes things to the next level by including LEDs, which truly bring the figurines to life. These durable and dependable containers are simple to put together and clean, and they provide sufficient room for all of your essential treasures.

  • You may also place them wherever in your house
  • Provide you the freedom to arrange your figures in any manner that you choose
  • Displaying your action figure collection in glass cabinets is upscale. Action figures, figurines, and other collectibles fit well

Acrylic Individual Display Case

If you have a valued figure that you want to show off, you may consider purchasing an acrylic individual display case to show off and safeguard it! When you place your action figure within the display case so that it is standing on its feet, the acrylic walls can prevent it from completely tumbling over and colliding with any of the other figures that you have exhibited in the area. You may even get cases that come with built-in LED lights if you want your figure to truly shine out on the shelf.

Figure Display Case with Lights

When it comes to displaying artwork, lighting is one of the major elements. Too much or too little light might obscure the subtle intricacies that distinguish each piece. In most cases, sources of diffused light are the most effective in driving away darkness without completely obscuring the details. Here are some popular home display case lighting: 

  • Undercabinet Lighting 
  • Puck Lights
  • LED Light Strips
  • String Lights
  • Microfluorescent Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Halogen Lights
  • Xenon Lights

Just remember that lighting that is directly above, spotlights, or backlights should be avoided as a general rule. These kinds of lighting have the potential to cast undesired shadows and reduce visibility.

Lego Mini-figure Display Case

Imagine a full wall in your playroom or exhibition area covered with Mini-figures in a rainbow of colors. You can stack these cases to build a whole wall out of your most treasured LEGO Mini-figures!  Aside from the display options, it’s also a great method to keep your finest Mini-figures secure since they are housed separately behind perspex doors, so there’s no possibility that they will get damaged. This is an excellent way to keep your greatest Mini-figures safe! 

Figure Display Wall Case

Wall-mounted display cabinets are a creative solution to conserve space! This variant on a glass container will protect your figurines from the weather, thus reducing the likelihood of damage. This may seem to be an expensive option, but if you want to protect the quality of your collection, it is an investment well worth making.

  • If a figure is on a shelf, you can always lean it against the wall.
  • If you have a large collection and 1-2 figurines that continually tumbling over, place them in the rear row of the shelf and arrange them so that they rest against the wall.
  • You may change the figure’s position to make them seem to be purposefully leaning against the wall!
  • Build a nice shelf for your action figures, and set it around the perimeter of your television wall. Attaching the action figures to the wall in the backdrop of the TV area may make the space appear more appealing. 
  • They also create fun in the space, and you can change the figures in them to keep things interesting.

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