9+ Poster Decorating Ideas for Bedroom [Wall Art Inspiration]

Decorating walls with varied posters is one of the most popular home design ideas nowadays. They not only have a modern and fashionable appearance but also serve to disguise a variety of the room’s defects. Those empty walls conceal a world of potential and can transform into a cozy room with only a few simple alterations. 

Poster pictures wall decor ideas
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Bedroom Decorating Hacks

Your bedroom is your very own, extremely private, and special area, and it should be decorated with items that reflect who you are as an individual. Hence, we suggest you devote some of your time to improving it. To provide you with the greatest Wall Decoration Idea, you should first develop your bedroom art depending on your needs. 

Even though hanging posters seem to be a simple activity, there are certain guidelines to follow when using this wall ornament to decorate your living area. Check out our article for tips on how to decorate your house using posters.

A Blank Wall in Bedroom

The initial stage in all aesthetics is “clean.” A clean wall is required to accentuate the beauty of posters with many lines and color blocks! Posters may substantially improve the level of a space, whether it is a blank wall in the living room, a blank space on the porch, or a blank area above a drawer. Here are the perfect stages required for decorating your poster: 

  • A plain wall with lots of space
  • A wall with a single background color and few wall decorations (such as wall racks, hooks, and so on)
  • An empty and neat shelf

For beginners, white walls are the best option, but other simple walls may also be explored, which can create various sparks. 

Mix and Match Poster Size 

People often underestimate the size of the poster and art print required to create an impression on their walls. If you are not trying to decorate a tiny wall space or need to fill an area in an existing gallery, you should always acquire the next size up from whatever size you believe you need for a blank wall. 

The most elegant method to exhibit a poster is to mix and match sizes! When matching your posters, pay attention to: 

  • The size of your posters should be proportionate to the available wall space
  • Match the big, medium, and tiny sizes posters in a 1:2:3 ratio 
  • Select one of the biggest and most visible “primary vision” posters, as well as two medium-sized posters 
  • The remaining area will be filled with small sizes posters and photo frames
  • A4 is the most adaptable size for the shelf

The size must be chosen by the dimensions of the wall to be decorated. However, you may manage the quantity-to-size ratio so that your wall surface is rich and not cluttered, with visual layering effects.

Poster Color Scheme

After deciding on the wall to be placed, and having a concept of the choice of size,  the following step is to choose the “color.” The majority of the posters are designed using colors and lines as their primary elements. If you want to fully integrate the aesthetic of your bedroom, you should first picture and make a note of your intended color palette.

  • Personal color preference (Always choose the same color family)
  • Choose 2-3 colors from a piece of artwork to display in the bedroom (This is useful if you don’t have a color theme in your space)
  • If you want to utilize all of your posters in an eye-catching fashion, make a collage of posters that transition from light to dark 
  • Keep in mind that no more than three colors help to keep the whole visual experience looking clean and harmonious 
  • Colors such as white, blue, purple, green, grey, or mint are believed to nourish your spirit and stimulate neurons positively, which help to get a good sleep 
  • Pick neutral color when you are unsure 

Bedroom Decoration Accessories [in Matching Colors]

  • Color coordinate your posters with other items in your bedroom
  • Match the colors of the area by adding home accessories (pillows, blankets, chairs, etc.) to make the poster and the surrounding environment more integrated and linked, creating a more consistent mood for the colors in the space
  • When picking pillows and blankets, combine textures (velvet, burlap, wool) and patterns (stripes, checkered, floral, geometric) to create visual interest and avoid a “matchy-matchy” aesthetic 

Bedroom Wall Art Styles & Theme

Color is important, but don’t forget about style, mood, and themes. It is simple to discover complementing colors, but it is more difficult to define your style and how you want someone to feel when they enter your bedroom. 

  • Make the poster wall suit the room’s purpose 
  • Get the style and look right in terms of frames and posters that you choose and the overall shape of the wall 
  • Balance different frames/pictures/styles around the poster wall so there isn’t a lot of any one type in any area

Select Posters From the Same Series When You Unsure

If you are unsure how to match your poster sizes, the safest and simplest method is to get a whole collection of posters. Because the whole series of posters is designed in the same style of thinking, hanging the entire series together is completely beautiful and not intrusive, even if the sizes are all the same, it may also express the same sensation.

Framed Bedroom Wall Art

  • Choosing a border width of more than 1″ inch broad (for artwork 24×36″ inches or less) is excessive in most circumstances
  • A board frame might draw attention to your poster and potentially detract from the overall aesthetic value
  • Use a level or a straightedge to make sure your posters aren’t hanging crooked
  • You could also think outside the box – No to stick in frames 

Space Your Poster at Least ½ Inch

  • Always leave a gap of at least  half an inch (1.3 cm) 
  • Use whatever way of hanging appeals to you the most
  • Don’t overlap posters, otherwise, your collage will seem cluttered
  • Keep posters level so the eye can follow the design

Creative Methods for Displaying Posters

Are you looking for some new ideas to decorate your bedroom? For those who are bored with the traditional choice of putting posters in frames on the wall, here are a few suggestions for freshening up a room:

Pant Hangers

Make Your poster More Eye-Catching by Using a pant hanger as a Poster Rail. Finding some wooden trouser hangers and hanging them might be an easy and creative way to display your posters. Sometimes you may even find antique versions of these hangers! You can make adjustments to your poster without having to take it out of the frame each time.

Prop Up Your Poster Instead of Hanging It

A minimalistic design can simply be achieved by framing posters and leaning them up against the wall! This laid-back style looks casual and stylish! If you have a bench, you may also line up your framed posters on it as well. This is a fantastic way of tinkering with various heights in your décor and makes areas look larger!

Binder Clips

Instead of nailing your poster to the wall, you can use binder or bulldog clips. Black plastic and silver are adequate, but those in gold and copper can make your wall art more attractive. You can then make it into a photo clipboard, just like what you would see for a magazine editor! Plus, your artwork won’t be plagued with holes from all the tacks you’ve used over the years.

Movie or Game Posters

Find posters of some of your favorite movies or video games, then hang them on the wall. Movie covers, famous moments, star actors or actresses, and varied visuals are also some of the greatest ideas to consider. This will put you in the mood for fun by giving your bedroom the appearance of a movie theater or an entertainment center! 

Light Decoration

Using LED strips and a series of fairly light bulbs is one of the simplest methods to decorate your poster. Different Shapes, sizes, and colors are all available. They will undoubtedly elevate your poster, making it looks cool and eye-catching!

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