Core Aesthetic List (374+ Popular Types For 2024)

Hundreds of styles fit into the category of core aesthetics, and they often stem from popular music, culture, history, video games, and trends on social media (Tiktok, Pinterest, Tumbler, Twitch, Discord). New cute ideas come and go every year, the following core aesthetics are what is popular currently on the Internet.

(Tips ==> If you cannot find what you want here and prefers a more girly vibe, then make sure to check out this list of all types of girl aesthetics. )

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✅ Best Cottage Core Aesthetic

Sleeping on a Cloud – 3 in 1 Duvet Bedding Set

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Nice colors and patterns
  • Perfect size

This duvet cover prevents their fur from settling into the fabric, making it simpler to brush off when/if they shed. The material is nice to the touch and does not trap heat. It’s incredibly soft, and when getting up in the morning, it appears clean and unwrinkled.

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✅ Best Japanese Street Sweater

Soft and Good Quality Sweater – This sweater is made of soft, stretchy, and durable cotton, with a crisp and vibrant design. I am sure you will get a lot of praise if you wear this kawaii sweater!

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✅ Best Royal Core Aesthetic

Gorgeous Mirror for The Price Point

  • Perfect size
  • Good quality
  • Affordable price

Considering its size, it is surprisingly lightweight and simple to hang, and it obviously does not “look” like a cheap mirror. And there is a traditional baroque style that brings classic design to a modern setting. It is fashionable and gives your room a vintage style!

What is a core aesthetic?

“Core” comes from the phrase “hardcore”, which means “a stubborn or unyielding minority”. Core aesthetics means centering one’s style around a specific feature or theme, and being stubbornly consistent for your vibe, value, online profiles, outfits, clothing, room decor, makeup, hair, nails, shoes, accessories, etc.

Core aesthetics provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to explore different styles or establish a style based on one’s interests or beliefs. Having a core aesthetic means finding your subculture community online, gaining happiness and confidence from self-expression. 

You may wonder how updated is my core aesthetic list? ==> I monitor trends on different social media platforms and search engines to update this list on a bi-weekly basis. If you are a journalist, student, writer, researcher, website owner, influencer or hobbyist who is interested in the topic, feel free to link to this page as a resource of your research and credit Thank you in advance!

What does core mean in aesthetic?

Someone’s “core” is something that inspires them to dress or act in a certain way. “Core” also means “heart” in the French word “coeur”. It is the value or reason that inspires a person to follow a certain aesthetic type.

Which core aesthetic are you?

Your core aesthetic depends on your desired style of dress, taste for interior design, preferred media, and/or blog that carries across certain visual similarities that have different connotations. To pick your core aesthetic you can start with the following

  • Understand the meanings behind different core aesthetics.
  • Browse Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, VSCO, HGTV, Google and Tik Tok.
  • Take an online personalities quiz.
  • Look to your wardrobe to see what was your top clothing preference.
  • Revisit your collections to conclude your interest and beliefs.
  • Take an inventory of your current room style, make a list of what you like and dislike about it.
  • Conclude what you had been reading online and offline in the past 3 months to understand your recent interests & values.
  • Make a collage to understand your preferred personal visual expressions.
  • Stay open-minded and keep making adjustments until you find your ‘visual voice’.

There are different trending core aesthetics on different social media platforms, in different age groups, and in different countries. In general, Dreamcore, BTS core, Webcore, Cottagecore, City core, Animecore, Gothcore, Darkcore, Kawaii core aesthetic, and their aesthetic subcategories are the most popular core aesthetics currently on the internet.

How many core aesthetics are there?

There are at least 300 different types of popular core aesthetics currently trending on different social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, Tumblr, Discord and Pinterest. Some people might find that they resonate with a specific set of core aesthetics, while others might enjoy exploring different ones.


  • Abby Core Aesthetic
  • Abigail Core Aesthetic
  • Acid Core Aesthetic
  • Adventure Core Aesthetic
  • Aliencore Aesthetic
  • America Core Aesthetic
  • American Core Aesthetic
  • American Core Aesthetic In Europe
  • Amy Core Aesthetic
  • Ana Core Aesthetic
  • Anastasia Core Aesthetic
  • Andycore Aesthetic
  • Anemoiacore Aesthetic
  • Angelcore Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Angelcore aesthetic, Angelcore aesthetic clothing, Angelcore aesthetic room)
  • Anglocore Aesthetic
  • Anime Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Animecore room design)
  • Anna Core Aesthetic
  • Applecore Aesthetic
  • Astrocore Aesthetic
  • Ateez Core Aesthetic
  • Auroracore Aesthetic
  • Ava Core Aesthetic


  • Babycore Aesthetic
  • Baddie Core Aesthetic
  • Barbie Core Aesthetic
  • Bardcore Aesthetic
  • Bastardcore Aesthetic
  • Black Heartcore Aesthetic
  • Bloomcore Aesthetic
  • Blue Angelcore Aesthetic
  • Bombacore Aesthetic
  • Breakcore Aesthetic
  • Brocore Aesthetic
  • Bts Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Kpop room design)
  • Bts Nightcore Aesthetic
  • Bunnycore Aesthetic
  • Business Core Aesthetic


  • Cabincore Aesthetic
  • Caitlin Core Aesthetic
  • Campcore Aesthetic
  • Candycore Aesthetic
  • Caninecore Aesthetic
  • Carcore Aesthetic
  • Carnivalcore Aesthetic
  • Cartelcore Aesthetic
  • Cartoon Core Aesthetic
  • Casual Core Aesthetic
  • Cat Core Aesthetic
  • Changelingcore Aesthetic
  • Chaos Core Aesthetic
  • Cherubcore Aesthetic
  • Childcore Aesthetic
  • Christcore Aesthetic
  • City Core Aesthetic
  • Clean Core Aesthetic
  • Cloud Core Aesthetic
  • Clowncore Aesthetic
  • Cluttercore Aesthetic
  • Coffee Core Aesthetic
  • Comiccore Aesthetic
  • Concore Aesthetic
  • Cosmic Core Aesthetic
  • Cottage Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Cottagecore aesthetic room design)
  • Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Anime Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Fairy Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Forest Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Frog Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Garden Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Girl Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Green Aesthetic
  • Cottagecore Vintage Aesthetic
  • Craftcore Aesthetic
  • Crazy Core Aesthetic
  • Creepy Core Aesthetic
  • Creepy Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Creepy Scary Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Crowcore Aesthetic
  • Cryptidcore Aesthetic
  • Crystal Core Aesthetic
  • Cultcore Aesthetic
  • Cute Core Aesthetic
  • Cybercore Aesthetic


  • Dadcore Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Royal Core Aesthetic
  • Dark Core Aesthetic
  • Dark Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Dark Earthcore Aesthetic
  • Dark Fairycore Aesthetic
  • Dark Heartcore Aesthetic
  • Dark Kawaii Core Aesthetic
  • ​​Dark Lovecore Aesthetic
  • Dark Royality Core Aesthetic
  • Darkerrorcore Aesthetic
  • Dawncore Aesthetic
  • Day Core Aesthetic
  • Daze Core Aesthetic
  • Detective Core Aesthetic
  • Devilcore Aesthetic
  • Dinocore Aesthetic
  • Dollcore Aesthetic
  • Dolly Core Aesthetic
  • Dragoncore Aesthetic
  • Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Dreamcore Kawaii Aesthetic
  • Dreamcore Weirdcore Aesthetic
  • Drugcore Aesthetic
  • Duckcore Aesthetic
  • Dullcore Aesthetic


  • Earth Core Aesthetic
  • Egirl Core Aesthetic
  • Elaynecore Aesthetic
  • Elf Core Aesthetic
  • Ella Core Aesthetic
  • Ellie Core Aesthetic
  • Emancicore Aesthetic
  • Emilie Core Aesthetic
  • Emily Core Aesthetic
  • Emma Core Aesthetic
  • Empty Core Aesthetic
  • Enacore Aesthetic
  • Ethereal Core Aesthetic


  • Fairy Grunge Core Aesthetic
  • Fairycore Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Fairycore aesthetic room design)
  • Fairycore Girl Aesthetic
  • Fairycore Grunge Aesthetic
  • Fawncore Aesthetic
  • Feralcore Aesthetic
  • Fever Dream Core Aesthetic
  • Firecore Aesthetic
  • Fnaf Core Aesthetic
  • Forestcore Aesthetic
  • Forgotten Core Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Frogcore Aesthetic


  • Gamercore Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Gamer girl room design)
  • Ghostcore Aesthetic
  • Giulia Core Aesthetic
  • Gloomcore Aesthetic
  • Goblincore Aesthetic
  • Gorecore Aesthetic
  • Gorpcore Aesthetic
  • Goth Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Soft gothcore aesthetic room design)
  • Grandparentcore Aesthetic
  • Green Core Aesthetic
  • Groundcore Aesthetic
  • Grunge Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Grunge Fairycore Aesthetic
  • Grunge Goblincore Aesthetic
  • Grunge Lovecore Aesthetic


  • Hailey Core Aesthetic
  • Halloween Core Aesthetic
  • Hannah Core Aesthetic
  • Happy Core Aesthetic
  • Hatecore Aesthetic
  • Havencore Aesthetic
  • Heart Core Aesthetic
  • Heistcore Aesthetic
  • Hello Kitty Core Aesthetic
  • Hello Kitty Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Hikecore Aesthetic
  • Hispanicore Aesthetic
  • Hobicore Aesthetic
  • Honey Core Aesthetic


  • Indie Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Indiecore aesthetic room designs)
  • Indie Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Indie Kidcore Aesthetic
  • Intelcore Aesthetic
  • Internet Core Aesthetic
  • Isabel Core Aesthetic
  • Isabella Core Aesthetic


  • Jade Core Aesthetic
  • Jam Core Aesthetic
  • Jamcore Aesthetic
  • Japan Core Aesthetic
  • Japanese Core Aesthetic
  • Jasmin Core Aesthetic
  • Jasmine Core Aesthetic
  • Jay Core Aesthetic
  • Jess Core Aesthetic
  • Jessica Core Aesthetic
  • Jester Core Aesthetic
  • Jimincore Aesthetic
  • Jincore Aesthetic
  • Julia Core Aesthetic
  • Jungkook Core Aesthetic
  • Jungle Core Aesthetic



  • Labcore Aesthetic
  • Laura Core Aesthetic
  • Lauren Core Aesthetic
  • Li-Core Aesthetic
  • Library Core Aesthetic
  • Light Core Aesthetic
  • Lighthouse Core Aesthetic
  • Lili Core Aesthetic
  • Lily Core Aesthetic
  • Lolita Core Aesthetic
  • Love Core Aesthetic
  • Lucas Core Aesthetic


  • Maddie Core Aesthetic
  • Maidcore Aesthetic
  • Maria Core Aesthetic
  • Marina Core Aesthetic
  • Medicalcore Aesthetic
  • Memecore Aesthetic
  • Metalcore Aesthetic
  • Mia Core Aesthetic
  • Michelle Core Aesthetic
  • Miniaturecore Aesthetic
  • Minimal Core Aesthetic
  • Mommy’s On-The-Phonecore Aesthetic
  • Mosscore Aesthetic
  • Mushroomcore Aesthetic


  • Namjooncore Aesthetic
  • Naturecore Aesthetic
  • Nct Core Aesthetic
  • Nerdcore Aesthetic
  • Nightcore Aesthetic
  • Nightcore Hello Aesthetic
  • Nihilcore Aesthetic
  • Nina Core Aesthetic
  • Nintencore Aesthetic
  • Nora Core Aesthetic
  • Normcore Aesthetic
  • Nostalgiacore Aesthetic
  • Nostalgiacore Dreamcore Aesthetic


  • O Que É Core Aesthetic
  • Ocean Core Aesthetic
  • Old Core Aesthetic
  • Old Memecore Aesthetic


  • Paleocore Aesthetic
  • Pastel Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Pastel core room design)
  • Pastel Kidcore Aesthetic
  • Petcore Aesthetic
  • Pigeoncore Aesthetic
  • Pink Angelcore Aesthetic
  • Pixiecore Aesthetic
  • Plaguecore Aesthetic
  • Poetcore Aesthetic
  • Poolcore Aesthetic
  • Prairiecore Aesthetic
  • Prince Core Aesthetic
  • Princess Core Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Princess core aesthetic room design)


  • Que Es Core Aesthetic
  • Queencore Aesthetic
  • Queercore Aesthetic


  • Ragecore Aesthetic
  • Rain Core Aesthetic
  • Rainbowcore Aesthetic
  • Rangercore Aesthetic
  • Ratcore Aesthetic
  • Ravencore Aesthetic
  • Retro Core Aesthetic
  • Rock Core Aesthetic
  • Roguecore Aesthetic
  • Rotcore Aesthetic
  • Royal Core Aesthetic
  • Royalty Core Aesthetic
  • Rusticcore Aesthetic


  • Sacricore Aesthetic
  • Sam Core Aestheti
  • Sanriocore Aesthetic ==> (💖 Related reading: Hello Kitty & Sanrio core room design)
  • Sara Core Aesthetic
  • Scary Core Aesthetic
  • Scary Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Scene Core Aesthetic
  • Scoutcore Aesthetic
  • Scrapbook Core Aesthetic
  • Sea Core Aesthetic
  • Selkiecore Aesthetic
  • Slaughter Core Aesthetic
  • Slutcore Aesthetic
  • Smilecore Aesthetic
  • Snailcore Aesthetic
  • Sofia Core Aesthetic
  • Soft Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Soft Kidcore Aesthetic
  • Sophia Core Aesthetic
  • Sophie Core Aesthetic
  • Space Core Aesthetic
  • Sparklecore Aesthetic
  • Spiritcore Aesthetic
  • Spiritualcore Aesthetic
  • Stripcore Aesthetic
  • Sweet Core Aesthetic


  • Taecore Aesthetic
  • Taehyung Core Aesthetic
  • Techcore Aesthetic
  • Technocore Aesthetic
  • Teethcore Aesthetic
  • Thriftcore Aesthetic
  • Tinkercore Aesthetic
  • Tinycore Aesthetic
  • Todos Los Core Aesthetic
  • Toycore Aesthetic
  • Traincore Aesthetic
  • Transparent Angelcore Aesthetic
  • Transportcore Aesthetic
  • Trashcore Aesthetic
  • Trauma Core Aesthetic
  • Trenchcore Aesthetic
  • Trendercore Aesthetic
  • Tweencore Aesthetic
  • Twilight Core Aesthetic


  • Undertale Core Aesthetic
  • Unicorn Core Aesthetic
  • Urban Core Aesthetic


  • Vacation Dadcore Aesthetic
  • Vampire Core Aesthetic
  • Victoria Core Aesthetic
  • Victorian Core Aesthetic
  • Village Core Aesthetic
  • Villain Core Aesthetic
  • Vintage Core Aesthetic
  • Void Core Aesthetic


  • Warcore Aesthetic
  • Warm Core Aesthetic
  • Weathercore Aesthetic
  • Web Core Aesthetic
  • Webcore Green Aesthetic
  • Webcore Orange Aesthetic
  • Webcore White Aesthetic
  • Webcore Yellow Aesthetic
  • Weirdcore Aesthetic
  • Weirdcore Dreamcore Aesthetic
  • Wetcore Aesthetic
  • Whorecore Aesthetic
  • Whorecore Goth Aesthetic
  • Windowscore Aesthetic
  • Witchcore Aesthetic
  • Wizardcore Aesthetic
  • Wormcore Aesthetic



  • Y/N Core Aesthetic
  • Yanderecore Aesthetic
  • Yankeecore Aesthetic
  • Yasmin Core Aesthetic
  • Yağmur Core Aesthetic
  • Yellow Core Aesthetic
  • Yellow Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Yoongicore Aesthetic


  • Zara Core Aesthetic
  • Zeynep Core Aesthetic
  • Zoe Core Aesthetic
  • Zombiecore Aesthetic


  • 2000s Webcore Aesthetic