20+ White Aesthetic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Cute Small Homes

Can a white aesthetic bedroom be “over the top”?

How to decorate a white cute bedroom?

Hunting for inspiration can be overwhelming, with thousands of different room aesthetic types and hundreds of photos, rooms tours, videos on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Google filling your screen all at once. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. To inspire your makeover, I’ve rounded up some stunning kawaii white sleeping spaces. Today I wanted to share with you how I am going about finding the perfect white aesthetic and cute stuff for a small bedroom.

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Keep white basics.

Whether it is a new throw blanket, a picture frame, or a lamp having neutral options is always a way that I would prefer to go. So when it comes to finding the basic essentials for my room some of them will be white. I don’t want everything to be white though. I just want to have some layering options where possible.

Dress your walls in white paint to contrast the decor, posters or tapestry.

In reality, white colors come in different shades and are with different textures. They reflect light differently and create very different vibes in the room!

Change to white wallpaper and accent wall

A white color palette is a great choice for a bedroom because it’s soothing and calming. Other than painting your wall, you can also go for a white textured or patterned wallpaper or install a white accent wall.

Choose a white headboard.

Choose a white headboard loaded with details. It should be the visual focus of the bedroom — bold and loud, but incredibly elegant at the same time.

Brighten up the space with the right color temperature for lighting.

White rooms will look very different with warm white, bright white, and daylight. It is important that you choose the right color temperature for lighting. The best way to do it is to bring your paint sample to the lighting shop, and see in reality how the white color changes with different light selections.

Add stylish white seating.

You don’t have to use a ton of color to have an interesting bedroom. Adding different shapes and textures through cushions, curtains, blankets, pillows, and wall hangings will create depth in your room and make the space feel especially cozy.

Compliment your existing room with white decoration and furniture.

The white home style often features rich textures such as lace, crochet, or quilts. For white furniture, head to your local vintage reseller to find chunky pieces like a retro vanity with strong lines and brass elements to complete the look. if you are looking for a more cute or kawaii aesthetic, then check out this room decor guide.

Paint your bed frame and cabinet doors white.

A bedroom refresh is necessary for everyone at some point in our lives. Maybe your style changes, you’ve moved to a new space, or you’re just ready for something new. The easiest way to give your room a new look while saving money is just to paint your old furniture.

Pile on the white pillows.

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate your white bedroom is to add some throw pillows. They can add color and texture to your space, and they’re easy enough to replace the covers should you want to swap out colors for the season.

Throw on a white plush blanket.

The white plush blanket is soft, comfy, and very cute. It remains neutral enough to not make too bold of a statement in your bedroom.

Add a white rug as visual focus.

Pop a white in at the side of your bed, or under your office setup, and you’ve got a cozy interior space that looks and feels 10X cuter than before.

Fill the bedroom with white flowers, branches and leaves.

If you’re a plant and garden lover, this is the perfect excuse to bring all your green babies into your bedroom: a boho makeover. There are many plants with white flowers, branches, or leaves, and you’ll be surprised about how new your room will feel.

Change to comfy white bedding and linen.

There is no such thing as too many layers on your bed. Layer on as many as you’d like to add texture and depth to your bed. Mix and match the look by using throw pillows of different sizes and shapes to add even more interest. Stack your sleeping pillows in the back to bolster up your decorative pillows, that way you’re really showing them off.

Change the old curtain to white fabric.

Curtains don’t just have to be for windows. Use them to divide up your space and create privacy if your room is a large open space. They’re also a great way to add a dose of color and texture in an otherwise blank room. Heavy, velvet curtains will add drama to your space, while lighter, linen curtains will diffuse light and add an airy feel.

Add a white lightshade.

Great light shade changes the angle and quality of the lighting in the bedroom. Make sure the colors create a soothing and calm environment for the best night’s sleep.

Cover your existing furniture with a white table cloth.

There’s something about a monochromatic room that always feels modern and fresh. Covering existing furniture with a white table cloth makes for a clean backdrop to the bedroom exhibition (Photo frames, flowers, books etc).

Paint the ceiling white.

The design of the ceiling is important in a bedroom as that is where your eyes land while you are in bed.

Sometimes, less is more. Clean lines and modern décor give off major Scandi vibes, making your bedroom a relaxing and clean-feeling place.

Draw white patterns to the window frame and skirting board.

Your room will always be in style if you stick with a white timeless design. Also, remember that you can always paint and repaint the items in your bedroom if you want something different down the line.

Opt for white flower vases with white flowers.

One of the ways that I will be adding pops of white around my room is by having at least one white flower vase. This way I can add real or artificial flowers and create a nice contrast between color and white. It’s a great way to add a fresh look to my room and be able to change it out if I want.

Decorate with cute white canisters.

When it comes to having storage and organization in my room, I think there is no better way to do that than to stay neutral. And white gives everything a fresh and more blended look. So when looking for organizational ideas for my room, I really want to stick to white as much as I possibly can.

How Do You Make A White Room Kawaii & Cute?

Still can’t visualize how? See more kawaii bedroom design ideas in this guide.

What Is The Best Color To Go With A White Room?

A room of ONLY white color can look stunning and pure, but if you want you still mix in a few other colors. If you want a secondary color to complement your white room, start your brainstorming with these 6 common options.

All WhiteSimple, modern, neat, and easy to maintain. This is the go-to color scheme for a lazy person with a small dark bedroom lacking natural light.
White + BlackThis color combination is going to give strong contrast and a lot of personality to your bedroom. Popular styles include soft goth, grunge or dark academia. The color scheme is surprisingly popular for aesthetic dorm rooms.
White + GrayThis color combination is healing and calm. Both light gray and dark gray look saturated and stable. They are the perfect backdrop for any bedroom activity or a study/office room.
White + Rose GoldThis color combo will make bedrooms look classy, glam, and luxurious.
 It is also good for the luxury-looking kitchen, cute living room, and bathroom decor.
White + PinkThis color combo will make rooms look dreamy, soft, girly, and kawaii.
Teenagers and little girls will love this bedroom style.
White + PastelThis color combo will make bedrooms look cute, soft, relaxing, and comforting.
It is the best for babies & kids’ rooms.
White + BlueThe feeling of white and blue in a bedroom can be calming and refreshing. It can create a sense of peace and serenity. The color is also neutral enough to be loved by people of all gender and age groups. So it can be a great choice for a master bedroom.
White + PurpleBoth purple and white colors are associated with peace and tranquility. This is why a bedroom with a white bedspread and purple curtains or walls can be very soothing and relaxing to spend time in.

How Can You Make Your Small White Bedroom Looks Big?

Here are some tricks to make any small white room appears to be more spacious.

  • Keep things open. It’s best to not have anymore furniture or anything. But to make the room look a bit bigger, the white decor will really help open things up a bit. The white organization and bedding accents will hopefully make the room look a little more inviting.
  • Keep it simple. When it comes to the white decor in my room I want it to be simple so any color added will pop more, so I really prefer to keep the white decor simple. I want to have white decor that is practical and has a purpose since it will most likely stay in the room and won’t have to be changed out.
  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. For example you can position a mirror across from a window to reflect light into the space. Then use a series of small reflective items instead of one large mirror to bring to light furthur to every corner of the room.
  • Use of soft and light colors can refresh any room.
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling can help to create the illusion of taller and large windows.
  • Anchor the white room with several visual focus, so the room look more organised and themed.
  • Allow more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep consistent aesthetic and choice of style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines, simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.

How Do You Do A Cheap White Room Makeover?

A lot of the white home improvement projects can be really cheap and done in DIY style.

  • Paint those old furniture white.
  • DIY white decor then display them.
  • Put old white fabric swatches to use for sofa cover, rug, curtain, table cloth…
  • Pull the layer of white linens to be on top.
  • Display your white cartoon, magazine, art pieces and collections.
  • Hang your old white tapestry, poster, T shirt on the wall as visual focus
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales & Craigslist.
  • Get white goodies from friends through exchanging of stuffs you do not want any more.

How Do You Decide Your White Bedroom Color Scheme?

You should either start by collecting ideas you like or eliminating all the ideas you hate.

  • Read this blog again.
  • Browse magazines.
  • Browse Pinterest.
  • Take an online personalities quiz.
  • Look to your wardrobe to see which shade of white is your top preference.
  • Take an inventory of your current decor.
  • Pay attention to the existing color or future color choice for the house exterior.

Make a collage of all the inspo to visualize the space. Then keep making adjustments from there.

Where Do You Start To Decorate Your White Room?

  • Start with ceiling paint, as the paint may drip to the wall or floor.
  • Then do the wall painting. Remember to have a plan for your windows, doors and skirting board in advance.
  • Now rearrange the locations of the bulky furniture such as sofa, bed, desk etc.
  • Bring in the lighting fixtures, electronics, curtains and fabrics.
  • After the layout of the room is confirmed, you can start to decorate the furniture and show off your displays.
  • Fine tune the angle of the lighting, position of the rug and throw pillows to get everything perfect.

How Do You Decorate A White Wall?

Here is a full list of cute wall decoration ideas to explore:

  • Dsiplay your favourite posters, map or art pieces.
  • Display photos of the family
  • Showcase a fabric, lace or quilt.
  • Hang up mirrors.
  • Paint a mural.
  • Install shelving.
  • Hang plates.
  • Hang some plants.
  • Highlight it with spotlights, light panels or neon signs.

I have been playing around with colors and decor for my bedroom in my apartment so today I wanted to share with you what I am doing in terms of white decor. I love white decor because it’s very clean, it works for all seasons, and it just looks nice. I love white because I can add pops of color to make it bolder, but I can also just do white because it goes with everything.

And that is how I am decorating my new apartment bedroom! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. If you have any tips on decorating an apartment at all, please let me know in the comments.