Soul Eater Anime Review

It will consume your soul!

From its infectious intro song to its engaging story, Soul Eater is sure to hold your attention and make you wish for more.

Soul Eater is an interesting anime with a really different art style. While silly and comical, it is also serious and suspenseful. Set in the technical school for weapon meisters run by the academy’s headmaster, Shinigami, the series revolves around three teams of weapon and meister. Every team of weapons and meister in the academy has the goal of collecting 99 evil souls and the soul of 1 witch (in that order) to transform their weapon into a Death Scythe. Once a weapon becomes a Death Scythe, they attain the highest title, and highly increased power, and become fit for Shinigami’s use.

At the academy and while relaxing both meister and weapon are in human form. When a meister needs to do battle with evil their weapon partner transforms into their weapon form, whatever that may be.

The first of the main three teams in the academy is Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. Maka is a tough young girl full of drive and ambition to earn top marks in all her courses while her weapon Soul is laid back and likes to relax. Although he is a bit on the lazy side, Soul tries hard for Maka and their friends so that they can both rise to the top. Soul has a true talent for playing the piano and he uses his motorcycle to transport himself and Maka around wherever they need to go.

Second, there is Black Star and Tsubaki. Black Star is an amazingly overconfident, narcissistic, egomaniac who believes he will become a god. Black Star’s weapon Tsubaki is a sweet, gentle, and quiet woman who just wants to make Black Star proud of her. Tsubaki also has the power to transform into a multitude of weapons, unlike the other weapons.

Finally, there is Death the Kid and his Thompson sister weapons, Liz and Patty. Death the Kid is completely stricken with obsessive-compulsive disorder for symmetry and is also the son of Shinigami. Liz and Patty are sisters who compliment each other well. Liz is the older sister who is always annoyed by Death the Kid’s obsessive behavior. Patty is the younger sister who is very childish and hyper, and also always has an upbeat attitude.

I was hesitant about this anime when I first started watching it because I tend to like more serious stories and this one gave me the vibe that it would be very silly. I pressed on and found that while it can be over the top silly, it can also be very serious and it shows great storytelling and gets you quite attached to the characters.

I highly recommend the subbed versions over the dubbed because the voice acting is much better. In the dubbed versions they just try too hard to be “hip” and it sounds corny. You will find the episodes on Hulu in the player below and they are all subbed.

Also, if you would rather have a copy of your very own, here are the links to purchase through Amazon ~

Soul Eater Part 1
Soul Eater Part 2

Now that you have had a chance to watch it, what did you think?

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