Villain Outfits: Evil Aesthetic Ideas For Males & Females (2024)

Villain aesthetic is also known as Villain vibes or Villaincore aesthetic. It is a cool aesthetic that encompasses being yourself and doing everything in your power to get what you want, by any means necessary.

Villain, as a term, first appeared in English during the mid-15th century. It’s derived from the French vilain, which first appeared in the 12th century. Both words come from the Latin villanus, meaning “farmhand.”

A villain is typically defined as a character who commits an act that is morally wrong. In literature, this generally means that the antagonist—the character who opposes the protagonist—is a villain. In real life, it means any criminal or unethical person. Famous villains include Ursula in Little Mermaid, Cruella & Maleficent in Disney.

In recent years, though, many people have begun using “villains” to refer to anyone who makes them feel bad or uncomfortable. For example, if your friend’s boyfriend is rude to you, you might refer to him as a villain. Or if your boss made you cry at work today, she might be a villain in your mind.

What outfit looks similar to Villain aesthetic clothing?

Dark outfit styles share common elements with villain aesthetic outfits. Read this link for a full list of dark aesthetics.

Popular examples include:

  • Evil queen outfits
  • Poisonous Apple outfits
  • Nightmare Before Christmas outfits
  • Bad boy outfits
  • Steampunk outfits
  • Sci-fi outfits
  • Twilight core aesthetic outfits
  • Vampire goth aesthetic outfits
  • Red aesthetic outfits
  • Hero aesthetic outfits
  • Gothic aesthetic outfits
  • Euphoria aesthetic outfits
  • Dark academia outfits
  • Grunge aesthetic outfits
  • Evil aesthetic outfits
  • Female assassin aesthetic outfits
  • Broken crown aesthetic outfits
  • Batgirl aesthetic outfits
  • Dark crown aesthetic outfits
  • Joker aesthetic outfits
  • Bruce Wayne Batman aesthetic outfits
  • Gotham batman aesthetic outfits
  • Bane aesthetic outfits
  • Black aesthetic outfits
  • Dark maleficent aesthetic outfits
  • Green maleficent aesthetic outfits
  • Maleficent aesthetic outfits
  • Dark green aesthetic outfits
  • Grunge green aesthetic outfits
  • Slytherin aesthetic outfits
  • Neon green aesthetic outfits
  • Skeleton aesthetic outfits
  • Green skeleton aesthetic outfits
  • Dark green-blue aesthetic outfits
  • Dark blue magic aesthetic outfits
  • Dark blue aesthetic outfits
  • Purple magic aesthetic outfits
  • Fantasy aesthetic outfits
  • Light blue magic aesthetic outfits
  • Dark fantasy aesthetic outfits
  • Dark medieval aesthetic outfits
  • Royal aesthetic outfits
  • Neon dark purple aesthetic outfits
  • Dark purple aesthetic outfits
  • Him Powerpuff girls aesthetic outfits
  • Black Powerpuff girls aesthetic outfits
  • Dark gold aesthetic outfits
  • Gold magic aesthetic outfits
  • Royal black and gold aesthetic outfits
  • Faceless female assassin aesthetic outfits
  • Dark female character aesthetic outfits
  • Badass aesthetic outfits

What are the different types of Villain aesthetic outfits?

  • Disney villains outfits
  • James Bond villain outfits
  • Batman villain outfits
  • Badass villains outfits
  • Fantasy villains outfits
  • Cute villains outfits
  • Cool villains outfits
  • Modern villains outfits
  • Medival villains outfits
  • Dark villain aesthetic outfits
  • Red villain outfits
  • Grunge villain outfits
  • Green villain outfits
  • Purple villain outfits
  • Gotham villain aesthetic outfits
  • Villain deku aesthetic outfits
  • Powerpuff girls villains aesthetic outfits

What are Villain outfit colors?

When displaying good and evil, the most common colors to use are blue for good and red for evil. Black is also a common villain outfit color because black is associated with darkness, decay, and death in many cultures. Hence your villain outfits should be using the primary colors of black, dark red/burgundy, purple, dark green, gray, and other solid dark shades. You may also add details in colors of pink, white, gold and blue for highlight.

What should men wear to look Villaincore?

Male villains usually have dramatic silhouettes, including slicked-back hair, sharp shoulders, and severe lines. Villain men wear:

  • Lots of corsets
  • Lots of leather
  • Lots of swishing capes
  • Black leather jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • White dress shirt (with buttons undone)
  • Black pants
  • Suit with a lot of shiny buttons
  • No tie, but a pin similar to the one worn by the president
  • Black dress shoes, shining and glossy
  • Dark and perfectly manicured hair, maybe some highlights that pick up their eyes or tie in with the shiny buttons on their suit

What should women wear to look Villaincore?

Female villain women wear:

  • Catsuits
  • Leather harnesses
  • Capes (usually with high collars)
  • Tight dresses that cling to the body (usually with a plunging neckline)
  • Red lipstick and burgundy eye shadow
  • Black leather jacket
  • Evil queen nails of dark colors (maybe mix with neon patterns and highlights)
  • A black or very dark-colored ripped dress with a high neckline. The dress should have lots of beading, embellishments, or other details that make it sparkle and shine. The dress is either a sleek and simple style or an over-the-top ball gown style.
  • A pair of long gloves, either elbow length or fingerless, up to the shoulder.
  • Slicked back hair that has a wet-look shine to it.

How to do Villain aesthetic makeup?

Villains usually have dark circles under their eyes because they don’t sleep much; this makes them look tired all the time!

Dark lipstick or dark lip liner is also common for Villain aesthetics for both males and females, often worn over bare lips.

Villains of both sexes will often use makeup, but with different effects than you might expect. Villain men will use eyeshadow in deep shades of red and blue, while villain women will sometimes go without any makeup at all so as not to distract from their understated beauty.

Some villains also enjoy wearing black thick eyeliner that goes above the eyelid and out to the temple in a dramatic line. The upper eye line is usually thicker than the lower eye line, which tends to be smudged. Often accompanied by heavy mascara or false lashes.

What accessories to wear with Villain outfits?

For women, the villain look is all about dark colors and flowing fabrics. You can accessorize your black dress with red accents and a high-necked collar.

This look is perfect for a dramatic entrance if you’re attending a comic con or party. Pair it with dramatic makeup and some sinister accessories, such as red hair clips, a black choker necklace, and red gloves.

For men, the villain look is all about the color scheme and accessories, think white blazer, black slacks, red gloves. This look can be paired with just about any shirt or tie combo to create your own villainous style. Pair it with a red bow tie, gold wrist cuff and black fedora hat to round out your outfit.

How to style a casual men’s villain aesthetic?

Other than wearing Medival, concept or fantasy Villain-themed outfits for cosplay for Halloween costumes, you can also wear the villain in an easy, modern and casual way.

Villain men tend to wear suits, no matter where they are in the world or what their social class is. Suits are classic, and they give the impression that the villain has a lot of money, power, and knowledge. They typically wear suits in dark colors (black or navy) with a bright tie to add a pop of color to the outfit.

For men, we’re seeing a lot of leather jackets and vests paired with tight jeans and cowboy boots. We’re also seeing a lot of black turtlenecks—it’s not just for nerds anymore! And keep an eye out for classic hats like top hats, fedoras, or bandanas.

How to style a casual women’s villain aesthetic?

Women villains are getting a little more frilly this year—think flowy skirts and silky dresses paired with pointy-toed shoes. And don’t forget your hat! Hats are very popular in villain fashion right now. We’re also seeing a lot of makeup with bold eyeshadows, dramatic eyeliner, blood-red lipstick, and even fake scars.

Villain women tend to wear whatever they want because they tend to be powerful enough that they don’t have to worry about being taken seriously. Some of them don’t even wear clothes at all! When they do wear clothes, though, it’s often either fancy dresses or something functional like combat gear. A common theme among villain women is that they like to wear sleek lingerie under their outfits.

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