9 + Ideas for Preppy Room Decor [with Must-Have Items]

The term “preppy decor’ is more of an attitude, referring to a certain way of life and culture for home décor. It is constructed on the classic design, which has been adjusted in order to create the sensation of refinement that is associated with country clubs, equestrian activities, and social graces.

Modern Preppy style blends traditions with vibrant color for a fun, sophisticated aesthetic. The appreciation of the American flag colors red, white, and blue, as well as gingham and striped patterns, is a hallmark of the preppy aesthetic in the house. It is also a contemporary style that acknowledges the past while incorporating American color and design. Traditional style furniture is anchored by attention-demanding textiles, and accessories, with bright colors that bring fun and exude confidence.

In this article, we explore some preppy room decor ideas and design inspirations to help you transform your bedroom into a preppy aesthetic room. If you consider having a preppy style for your spaces, read on to find out whether the preppy style is perfect for you and how you can add fun preppy items to your room without spending much. 

Preppy Color Palette

To begin, you will need to choose a basic color palette for the space you are working with. You should always have a foundation color to ground the space, regardless of whether you want to go with different complementary colors or keep it simple with one or two colors only. Consider using bright and pastel colors for your preppy aesthetic room walls as below.

These are some popular preppy colors and they serve as a perfect canvas for your preppy decor. After that, you can achieve coordinated color by combining lighter pastel hues with darker shades. Make use of wall art and throw pillows for your lighter tones, and then bring in some contrast with different prints and patterns, such as a striped blanket in a darker hue. It is an important tip to visually stand out for your room! 

Preppy Aesthetic Room Decor Items [Cheap]

Decorative and mood-enhancing Preppy décor items can bring charm and character to the spaces. They help you create the ideal ambiance for your room – a cozy aesthetic room mood! Read more below: 

Preppy LED Lighting

  • Fairy String Lights

Getting a string of fairy lights is one of the simplest methods to use LED lights for preppy décor. They are the most adaptable decorative LED lights for house interiors since they are made up of small LED bulbs strung together on a wire. They can be used to frame a window or mirror, draped with curtains, or even hung from the ceiling, which transforms any environment into something fantastical.

  • LED Strip Lights

 Colorful and ornamental LED lights can make your rooms look stylish and trendy! LED light strips are thin and flexible, therefore, you can bend and fasten them in every item!  You could use it to surround your drawers and cabinets. Only your creativity limits how you may use LED lights to decorate.

  • Neon Sign 

Alternatively, an LED neon sign is a creative way to reflect your personality and interest. You can customize your own neon sign, such as a motto or a shape of an image. It can immediately be adding a preppy aesthetic feel to your room!

Preppy Decorative Vines

The most popular and highly regarded examples of the preppy style for rooms found online are decorative vines. Getting decorative vines helps you to easily decorate your place without any difficulties. They are affordable and low-maintenance options! When placed behind the bed and illuminated with LEDs, these artificial vines create a fairy-like atmosphere and add texture, and colors, to your room

Preppy Bedding – Different Patterns and Finishes

Adding a variety of textures and forms to your room is the greatest method to enhance the preppy aesthetic vibe. Choosing pieces with different textures and finishes gives your space a distinct personality. Pick bedding with floral or leafy designs has been found to have incredibly good health effects, particularly for mood, it makes you feel calm and reflex while adding an extra layer of delight to your room. You can also add some bedding decor for softness and texture.

  • Plushies

  • Decorative Pillows and cushions 

  • Heart and Floral Pattern Blanket

  • Chunky Knit Throw

  • Dried Pampas Grass

Just remember to pick patterns with preppy color schemes — pink, green, blue, or yellow – as we’re striving for a preppy bedroom aesthetic.

Preppy Aesthetic Furniture 

Some great ideas for preppy aesthetic furniture include: 

  • Pink Chair, Desk, 

  • Colored Nightstand

  • Preppy Lamps

  • String Light Headboard

  • Preppy Theme Rug 

  • Hanging Hammock Chair

  • Full-Length or Disco Mirror

  • Hanging Shelves

  • Digital Alarm Clock with Neons

These are not only fantastic ways to create an aesthetically appealing preppy style for your room, but they are also functional accessories to have in there.

Preppy Monogram 

The preppy Monogram is another important aspect of preppy style. When you look at monogrammed items, they just give a sense of sophistication and royalty. It makes everything look better and more expensive. You can add monograms on walls, throw pillows, bedding, the backs of chairs, and other room/desk accessories to offer a contemporary twist to the conventional monogram. It is a must-have item!

Preppy Wall Collages

You can create a wall of records that seem random by using mismatched patterns. Place all of your favorite CDs in frames and hang them on the walls so that you are constantly surrounded by music! Postcards, photos, antique movie posters, or even an earthy collection of animal prints are a few examples of the kind of materials that might be added to the gallery as additional elements.

DIY Preppy Wall Decor

Having a DIY wall decor is also an effective approach to draw attention and create a unique preppy room. You may spruce up your room by hanging below items from a mantel, bookcase, or a wall that is empty. 

  • Photo Clipboards

  • Framed posters

  • Hanging tapestries

  • Foral wallpapers

  • Paster color palette stickers

  • Pom Pom Garland

  • Paper Banner

They both create a preppy vibe without damaging the wall. Keep in mind that the collection should reflect who you are, which makes it personal feelings.

If you’re interested in more trendy styles, check out our website for more inspiration!