Vintage Stuff – 60+ Cool Gifts & Aesthetic Room Decor Items To Buy

Imagine using Cesca countertop chairs every morning to eat breakfast with the family, a vintage B&B Italia sofa to play with children and drink wine with friends, a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch to wind down after a rough day, and a Danish bedside table to place bedtime books next to the diffuser.

Imagine raising your family in a home filled with the things you love, which have been loved for decades by others. And along the way, built your own memories with them too.

Timeless furniture and vintage aesthetic room decor like the pieces you enjoyed as a child will give you inner peace and everyday joy. These cool vintage stuff will grow with you and bring happiness to you and your family’s everyday life. For vintage room inspirations, don’t forget to check out our guide!

vintage aesthetics vinyl player decor
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Vintage Iron Bed Frames

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✅ Best Vintage Iron Spindle Platform Bed Frame

Contemporary style – When you need a bold and stately bed, this metal King spindle bed in Antique Black is bound to deliver. You’ll see seven stylish spindles on the headboard and footboard that will have your heart aflutter. It has a powdered coating that gives it a hand-brushed antique appearance. This metal bed is a touch of elegance that you’ll enjoy in your bedroom for years to come. Made with full metal construction.

Vintage Aesthetic Scrapbook

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✅ Best Vintage Scrapbook Aesthetic Stickers

Fun and easy to use – love to put stickers on everyday lists and journals. These are gorgeous. A little bit hard to remove, yet once done, perfection.

1940s Vintage Decor

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✅ Best 1940’s Diner Menu Sign Restaurant Decor

Cute little decor piece – This sign is really cute and adds a nice vintage touch to wherever you place it. It’s about the size of a piece of letter paper, so not too big and fits nicely on a shelf in the kitchen.

Vintage Folding Room Partition

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✅ Best Deco 79 Room Divider Screen

Perfect – Modern style inspired with a minimalist design. This 3-panel divider screen is made of solid metal, Features a geometric semi-matte gold finish. Create depth in your home with this three-panel room divider screen.

Vintage Chaise Lounge

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✅ Best Modern Upholstered Fabric Right-Arm Chaise In Beige

CONTEMPORARY STYLE – The roomy depth and iconic look of Engage showcase mid-century modern design. Boasting tailored lines and a hopeful style, this piece embodies retro intrigue and sophistication.

Vintage Christmas Candelabra

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✅ Best Handcrafted Vintage Christmas Candelabra

The chandelier meets your expectations! – This is a very rustic-looking candlestick. The color is deep dark brown which is somehow not mentioned but is actually what you needed. The candlestick is crooked as another reviewer mentioned so you need to add a tiny piece of electrical tape to the open space to fill it in and then it will straighten out and you cannot see it then use a screwdriver to tighten the base which has a screw.

Vintage Area Rugs

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✅ Best Romaine Vintage Medallion Area Rug

Love this rug! – Just buy the rug!! It is beautiful. If you’re looking for comfort, it is thin tbh so you’d recommend also purchasing a rug pad – but have a coffee table sitting on this holding it in place and lots of pets so the less soft surfaces – Very happy with this purchase, couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful design that compliments decor at the right price!!

Cute Vintage Kitchen Aprons

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✅ Best Victorian Maid Pinafore Apron

Good for a Halloween costume – It fits nicely and the ruffles add some styling. The only miff was that the fabric wrinkled easily.

Antique Vintage Watches

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✅ Best Hamilton Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

Impressive watch with an incorrect instruction manual – With a quartz movement, its accuracy is pretty much guaranteed. The design? The most attractive, ever, opinion. Stainless steel is always the first choice, from appliances to jewelry. The compliments have been good to hear, and every glance at them gives me a surge of satisfaction. Thanks to Amazon and the seller who made this possible.

Cute Vintage Hand Mirror

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✅ Best Cute Vintage Hand Mirror

Very Nice Looking! – Mirror is very nice looking and seems to be quality built. The stand works great. The magnifying side is really for makeup. This is true of all greater magnifying mirrors, live and learn. When close it does reproduce very clear. All in all, great mirror and fast delivery.

Vintage Hello Kitty

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✅ Best Hello Kitty Plastic Wallet

The cutest !!! – Purchased this for a friend who had one in the 1980s. She was impressed when she received it, saying the outside is identical to the one we had as kids. She did point out though that the inside was a bit different.

Hello Kitty Vintage Poster

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✅ Best Hello Kitty Kaiju Wall Poster

HIGH-QUALITY ART PRINT – TRENDS WALL POSTERS use high-resolution artwork and are printed on PhotoArt Gloss Poster Paper which enhances colors with a high-quality look and feel.

Vintage Room Posters

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✅ Best Vintage Marines Poster Canvas Wall Art Print

READY TO HANG – Canvas comes with pre-installed hanging hardware already attached to the back of the product, so all that remains once received is hanging a nail on your wall for final installation. Infographic for hardware shown in product images.

Vintage Baby Decor

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✅ Best Baby Storytime Pooh 3-Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set

Perfect Disney Story – The luxurious, high-quality quilt is expertly embroidered and appliqued, Classic Pooh and Piglet are made of soft minky appliques which provide the baby a wonderful tactile experience for tummy time.

Vintage Bird Cage Lamp

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✅ Best Lighting Bamboo Birdcage Lamp

MAKE THEM TALK – With its distinct mid-century birdcage design, this lamp is a conversation starter. Rustic, yet modern, this versatile decorative piece can turn any entryway, bedroom, living room, nursery room, or kitchen table into something that’ll get your guests talking.

Vintage Bird Cage

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✅ Best Vintage Wood Bamboo Pagoda Style Bird CAGE

A symbolic figurine – Delight your guests while hanging them from trees and filling them with candles, or place atop coffee tables, a stack of books, or hanging from a ceiling. Ideal for gifting, these are wonderful birthday, housewarming and anniversary presents

Vintage Cat Postcards

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✅ Best Vintage Cat Postcards

Very, Very Cute – Cute, Cheerful, retro kitty ‘thank you’ cards. Glossy print & modern paper with matte retro designs printed on them. Reasonable thickness. A bit smaller than cards at the store, but perfect for little ‘thank you’s

Vintage Burgundy Tie

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✅ Best Burgundy Knitted Men’s Tie

MEN’S TIE – When you need to look your best, you can count on Tie Bar to be your ultimate wingman. These ties can dress up any outfit, whether that’s for the office or a special occasion.

Vintage Christmas Gift Bags

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✅ Best Reusable Vintage Christmas Canvas Gift Bags

Fits lots of gifts – Bring a dash of flavor to your Christmas trees and stocking stuffers with this set of six classic airmail bags, straight from the North Pole! Forget the nights of staying up late wrapping presents. Use a value pack of 6 convenient, reusable bags instead!

Vintage Gym Signs

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✅ Best Vintage Gym Signs

Beautiful white and blue neon tubes – Really nice neon sign! ordered this as a gift, who loves Ford diesels. The packaging was excellent. The sign arrived in perfect condition.

Vintage Key

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✅ Best Vintage Key

Need one of these for every room! – Needed a doorstop for Pella doors on the covered deck so that cats could go in/out without the door swinging open. (The gap is too high for most planar wedges.) This is discreet and cute enough to leave by the doors. Heavy enough that the door won’t blow open, but light enough cats can push through it (the base may roll a bit). It is metal, so just have to move gently to avoid scraping paint on the door.

Vintage Kitchen Art

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✅ Best Eat Here Tin Retro Wall Decor

like what you expect a sign like this should be – This is a very very well-made sign, like what you expect a sign like this should be. It’s thick galvanized metal, the distressed look is extremely well done. 

Vintage Kitchen Prints

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✅ Best Fruit Botanical Prints Vintage Wall Art Drawing

So excited! – These little posters are so cute!! really love the vintage fruit style! They are a bit on the smaller side but as long as you know that going in/that is what you want, they are perfect!!

Vintage Knitting Tools

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✅ Best Vintage Knitting Scissors

Useful and Attractive – Very appealing old-fashioned appearance and a handy item for bundling newspapers and other uses. Have had several compliments on it. Well worth the moderate price.

Vintage Lamb Toy

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✅ Best Lamb Bunny Chick Retro Vintage Style Decor

Very cute – These are super cute for both easter/ spring. It Includes 3 Assorted Sweet Pastel Dummy Board Decorations.

Vintage Leg Lamp

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✅ Best A Christmas Story 26″ Desktop Leg Lamp

Good Quality – Nicely detailed, right down to the cheeky leg & fishnets. Many cheaper versions exist, but this one is definitely a quality item and worth the price.

Vintage Little Twin Stars

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✅ Best Vintage Little Twin Stars

PERFECT – Multi purposes and functions, magic plastic case fit different needs. Encourage children to organize their own study supplies with FUN. You can store your favorite study Supplies/makeup on both sides with a magnetic clip safely.

Vintage Love Letters

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✅ Best Vintage Letter Password Lock Ring Holder

VERY GOOD PRODUCT, RECOMMEND IT – Very good quality, it is heavy and beautiful. Had a little trouble opening it at first, but it was worth it. There’s enough room to hide a small object in it.

Vintage Love Quotes

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✅ Best Vintage Style Valentine Quote Words

Decorative Pillow Covers has Become a Common Home Use and Decoration Accessories in Home Life, It Can Increase Interests in Home Life, Different Pillows Pattern can Bring a Different Style and Fashion, It’s Also A thoughtful Gift for Your Friends and A Nice Choice for Your Home.

Vintage Large Round Glasses

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✅ Best Vintage Large Round Glass

Beautiful! Looks great with artificial flowers. – Beautiful rustic look. Nice quality. Looks great with artificial peonies on a console table. Nice quality, thick, sturdy glass. Love the vintage look.

Vintage Red Truck For Decorating

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✅ Best Vintage Truck Decor

Absolutely Adorable! – This red farm truck arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was exactly what was looking for! It was packaged well and delivered with care. filled the truck bed with mini ornaments and it looks very festive!

Vintage Red Truck Wall Decor

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✅ Best Red Half Truck Metal Wall Decor

Perfect for wreath making – Nice and study, worth $20 IMO, great value for the money. Nice rustic look. Cute detail of the rearview mirror! even fit tiny pumpkins in the back of mine.

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✅ Best Vintage Santa Cookie Cutter

Very sweet and good for traditions! – Very giftable, super cute, kids loved it for setting out the cookies we made for Santa. The chalk is chalk and the rest is glass, so obviously not a good choice for a toy to play with, but not fragile with the normal use of small notes on the chalkboard and setting on a table.

Vintage Sewing Gifts

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✅ Best Vintage Knitting Clover Antique Yarn Threader

 Perfect yarn threader for crocheters! – Love it! The antique design is wonderful and looks great. As a threader, it is fabulous…no more fighting to get the yarn into the eye of the needle.

Vintage Style Mirror

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✅ Best Howard Elliott Marquette Antique Oversized Mirror

Vintage Beauty!!!!!! – Loooooove this mirror!!! Exactly what was looking for and hundreds cheaper than wayfair! It was packaged very thoroughly and arrived in perfect. The delivery was on time as scheduled between 9-12…they came within the first hour.

Vintage Style Refrigerator

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✅ Best Vintage Style Dual Door Refrigerator

Really very pleased with the product and delivery. – Wow! This is a beautiful refrigerator. Very retro! It is extremely good quality; shelves, handles, etc. were very glad to have it. Please post any questions you may have and will be glad to answer. Also, thank you so much Essentials Inc. Customer for life, Don Overstreet.

Vintage Style Rings

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✅ Best Yellow Gold Quilted Textured Ring

IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY WEAR — With its essential design, this quilted textured ring wears well whether you’re running errands, in the office or out with the girls.

Vintage TV Stand

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✅ Best ACME Cargo TV Stand 

The latches are only for looks. Uses magnets to keep doors shut. – Good quality. Easy to put together. This product is so heavy and well made.

Vintage Aesthetic Desk

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✅ Best Vintage Aluminum Aesthetic Desk

Absolutely love the desk! – This is a gorgeous desk. Large, and beautifully put together. The rivet details are well done. The desk was packaged very securely, it took 30 minutes just getting it out of the very well-wrapped box. No assembly is required. Delivery into the house was included.

White Vintage Truck Decor

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✅ Best Vintage Antique Metal Truck Decoration

Perfect! – Would have liked it to be slightly bigger but it served its purpose as a rustic centerpiece that you can use all year. This truck is so cute! Really looks antique!

Vintage Clock

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✅ Best 1940s Vintage Clock Decor

Beautiful simple wall clock. – It’s a pretty basic, but same time a very cozy clock. It looks much better in real life than in the photos, though it’s made from plastic. The clock took its place over the patio door in the kitchen, and it’s easy to read the time from every corner in our open-spaced kitchen living room area.

Vintage Typewriter Decor

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✅ Best Rustic Vintage Style Classic TypeWriter

Great product, arrived early! – These bookends arrived early and look wonderful in a newly created library. They are so cute and look good at any angle! Smooth transaction, the product exceeded your expectations.

Vintage Aesthetic Journal

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✅ Best Journaling Vintage Scrapbook Stickers

These were perfect – The items are so beautiful!!! OMG! The amount and quality of this product is dynamite! Absolutely perfect and such great value for money.

Vintage Aesthetic Angel Room Decor

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✅ Best Vintage Mary & Angels Decorative Wood Wall Décor

Unique! – It is SO MUCH BETTER in person than in photos!!! the wood is so thick and solid, not plasticky at all. Although each production is slightly different, more yellowish brownish than the blue depicted in the photo, that actually works much better with decor. It is very well made and truly a statement piece and looks authentic.

Vintage Room Accessories

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✅ Best Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Retro And Classical Design– VANLAN Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is pocket and can be packed in your bag or pocket. Portable size (95*50*70mm/3.7″*1.9″*2.7″), weights 230g/0.2lb, will make you even fall in love with listening to the radio anytime, anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Having a unique vintage style design, the speaker looks more fashionable.

Vintage Room Backdrop

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✅ Best Vintage Room Inside Backdrop

Great rich color. – The vinyl used to make this was of excellent quality. The print itself was exceptional, and honestly, perfectly reproduced. Time was obviously taken in setup to center the print so everything looked level after hanging.

Vintage Style Chair

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✅ Best Vintage Leather Accent Chair

Great value, tested and determined that it is genuine leather – Five stars, just love everything about this sofa. It is very comfortable and roomy. Makes the room look very rich. The picture is the real deal what you see is exactly what you get. No disappointments after it arrived.

Vintage Room Divider Shelves

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✅ Best Vintage Room Divider Shelves

Game change shelf – Vintage bookcase room divider with four open panels and three removable shelves Very cool shelf that totally change the logistics and zoning in our apartment. Nice quality, easy to install.

Vintage Room Fan

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✅ Best Silver Swan Alchemy Oscillating Vintage Fan

Best admired with some scotch – Gorgeous, functional, mid-century modern style fan. From the very well-thought-out packaging to the simplicity of its capabilities, this fan was worth it. It circulates the air very nicely while being pretty quiet.

Vintage Room Heater

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✅ Best Vintage Electric Fireplace Space Heater

Nice little space heater – Really nice looking little heater! Love the look of the flames, with or without the heat. Some background hum. Lightweight, so it’s very portable if want to change its location.

Vintage Keychain

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✅ Best Mickey Mouse Vintage Keychain

It was a delight – This is an Officially Licensed Disney product. Nice and original keyring.  Fast delivery and perfect packaging.

Vintage Key Tags

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✅ Best Vintage Key Tag

A great addition to the craft! – These tags can withstand corrosion, general handling, extreme weather. They are durable, long-lasting tags. Can be used in the dishwasher. Can be boiled.

Vintage Room Lamp

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✅ Best Vintage Copper Valley Floor Lamp

Just beautiful Native Inspired lamps! – These lamps will look perfect in Native American-styled bedrooms. Arrived very well packed.

Vintage Motorcycle Room Decor

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✅ Best Vintage Home Decor Window Curtains

Excellent quality – Best purchase ever! Excellent quality and looks great in the bar area. The pattern is exactly as shown.

Vintage Oriental Room Divider

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✅ Best Asian Home Vintage Oriental Style Room Divider

Very attractive! – It is a very large screen that will go nicely with the themed room. The package arrived as planned with no damage. It is a bit darker than the lighted picture presented so keep that in mind if trying to coordinate several pieces in a room.

Vintage Room Thermometer

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✅ Best Vintage Coca Cola, Bottles Room Thermometer

Fancy thermometer 🌡🌡🌡 – This attractive thermometer in vintage design is not only pretty but also practical. The thermometer is made of high-quality sheet steel and is due to its attractive shape a great retro decoration for your home.

Vintage Home Decor Books

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✅ Best Real Authentic Books For Decoration

Great purchase – Very happy with the purchase. needed some older books for mantel styling and they look great. The books are real vintage books and in good condition. These books are of great value.

Vintage Home Decor Ducks

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✅ Best Gun Shooter Retro Vintage Tin Sign

Perfect – Good quality, won’t bend easily. It comes covered in a plastic film bag which is good to protect from scratches during shipping. It is on good quality metal and the graphic is beautiful!

Vintage Home Decor Eagle

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✅ Best Bald Eagle American Flag Wall Decor

Wow! This is solid and looks better in person. – Beautiful! As the sun and light change throughout the day, the various colors shine like diamonds. Hard to describe, but stunning!

Vintage Leather Journal

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✅ Best Leather-bound Journal With Antiqued Pages

UNIQUE HANDMADE VINTAGE PAPER – This is a nice book for artists if they want to do something vintage. The smell is the chemicals use to dye the leather and is normal. You know if you ever have worked with leather. The leather is thick and the paper is a feel of watercolor paper cold press. I love the look and recommend it as a present especially for that artist friend. 😍🎨