Valentines Gift For Gamer Boyfriend Or Husband (2024)

The Internet has been well on its way, compiling list upon lists, in order to sway your purchase power in any given direction this Valentine’s Day. There are a million Gamer Gift Guides already out there, but there’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed. To avoid sounding redundant to the internet, I have assembled a few valuable resources to narrow down your gift-giving ideas for your gamer husband or boyfriend. The links will help guide you through the Gift Guide masses. In addition, I have composed a few game suggestions based on my personal reviews and opinions.


Here is the Ultimate Gifting Ideas list, put out by Kotaku. Grab a cup of coffee, a pen, and some paper – you’re going to be here for a while.

iPhone Apps.

Why stop at platform games and accessories? If your Gamer is into iPhone apps, you have some additional gifting ideas that can be solved with an iTunes card.

Game-free Gamer Gift Guide

“Hardcore gamers are a nightmare to shop for during the holidays. We’re as biased and finicky as a political columnist with OCD and we have the patience of a man on fire. Thus, any time you buy us a video game, you’ve got a 90% chance that we either aggressively dislike it or already bought it, beat it, and are currently blogging about how we’d make the sequel sooo much better. This is a law of nature, as undeniable as the fact that penguins eat lion cubs or that bumblebees built the pyramids.”

Preach on, brother, preach on! This is a great gift guide for beloved gamer gift ideas, without you having to purchase a game or gift card.

When in doubt…

When in doubt, just ask your Gamer what he wants for Valentine’s Day. If they say it doesn’t matter, use the resources above. If they say a particular store, personalize a gift card by adding an inexpensive gift to go along with it – like a cookie tin or poster. Offer to go with him/her to that store as part of the gift and treat them to lunch afterward. If they say they want something specific, don’t freak out about getting something to surprise ‘em. Sometimes you have to just go with what you know.

Online vs In-Store Purchases

The choice to purchase online or in-store is entirely up to you. If you have enough time or at least the buying power for overnight shipping, I’d say, research the item you want to buy and order it online from a trusting site. Chances are – if you can find the item you want on a dinky game site, you can probably find the same item on or, without feeding your credit card to a bunch of places.

That is it, The gamer’s girl guide to gamer boyfriend/husband guides! If you want something for yourself, or another gamer girl, check out also this guide on ‘How To Be A Gamer Girl‘.

Good Luck & Have Fun! (========> Have a laugh with gamer couple goal jokes.)