Christmas Gift For College Girl – 25+ Cute Kawaii Ideas (2024)

Christmas is getting closer every day and I am so excited. I thought I would kick it off with some cute kawaii gift ideas for the college girl in your life or some ideas to put on your own Christmas list if you aren’t sure. These are all things that I either have or want. I hope you find this helpful and that you find this is a great way to bring on some holiday cheer!

Throw Pillows/Blankets

I feel like you can never have too many throw blankets, and why not throw in some pillows as well? I feel like this is a really simple gift to be loved but it’s a great starting point for a dorm room upgrade.

A Planner.

New year is coming! And everyone needs a new planner! So why not start by getting them a new cute kawaii planner? Help your friend get organized for the new year by getting them a fun and cute new planner so they can keep track of everything they have going on. Keeping up with things is important, so get them a planner they will love to use.

A new bag.

Whether it is a new purse, a new tote bag, or a new backpack, everyone could use a new bag in their life. So find out their favorite style, color, or what they need in a bag and find one that matches. It’s a great way to give them a Christmas gift you know they can use and really wanted to get.

Nail Polish Case

Your college girl is going to love organizing all of her nail polishes and growing her collection.

Every girl would love to have a nail polish holder where she can display her nail polish collection. My collection has grown over the past several months and it continues to grow as time goes on. So having a way to display them would be really cool.

A New Laptop

This is a Xmas gift every college student desperately needs. Everyone could probably use an upgrade.

New Luggage

This is another thing that has been on most college girls’ gift lists forever. If she had been using very old luggage then it is now the time to have one new kawaii suitcase. The new luggage needs to be practical and look nice.


Lots of money which she will have fun spending.

Most college students would love this as a gift and I know I would. A few other gifts would be alright too, I just don’t want things I am not going to use or don’t need. I would like to be able to use the money on things I truly need or want that are going to help me in some way.


Just like pajamas, cardigans are great. One can dress them up and dress them down. So gifting your college girl a nice cardigan is a great option. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, so you can never have too many. A basic pastel color cardigan is a perfect gift for a college girl who loves being cozy.

Fleece pullover.

Winter gets cold. This is another great option for her who loves to be warm and cozy. There are so many colors and styles, so you also can’t go wrong with a fleece pullover.

A Water Bottle.

Remind her to drink more water by getting her a new cute water bottle. This is something that everyone could get some use out of, so why not get it for them? Pick one that is their favorite color or one that they will really enjoy using. It’s cool and convenient and something practical for everyone.


Soon the college girl will be moving into an apartment, it will be a ‘healthy lifestyle gift’ that she would really appreciate.


Everyone needs new socks and Christmas is a perfect time to get some. Make sure the design is cute, kawaii, and expresses a lot of personalities.


College girls love aesthetic or slogan sweaters and there are a lot of really cute ones out there.

A New Purse. 

Going from a teen girl to a college girl it’s time for an upgrade on her purse.

A New Makeup Bag.

A big one is preferred because she is exploring makeup products and need a big makeup bag with good partitions to hold all the brushes and good finds.

A New Shirt.

Only if you know what she likes. A shirt of her favorite cartoon/anime character or slogan will be ideal.

New Jeans.

Again, only if you know the size or the color. Trends for college girls change often.

They need new jeans but only the ones they want to wear.

A Coffee Mug.

Safe gift, but again you need a strong pattern or slogan to win her heart.

A Ton Of Nail Polish.

So your college girl can try and experiment with their style.

Cute Makeup Brushes.

Usually, girls are very specific about their makeup brushes. So you give them makeup brushes they do not want for Christmas maybe they will gift these to someone else. But the story will be different if the brushes are uniquely cute and kawaii.

Shower Gel And Body Spray.

Must be with good smells.

A Camera.

Many college girls are into Livestream, social media, etc these days. A good camera can help them with their brand. If a camera is too expensive, then video shooting gadgets such as green screen, ring lighting, etc will be welcomed too.

A Ton Of Makeup.

Any chance to get more is a win in her book.


I think bracelets are a great choice, but you could branch out and get a necklace, earrings, or anything else.

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you enjoyed your day. Mine was okay. I am super tired though.

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These are all things I think would be on most college girls’ Christmas lists. They deserve to be rewarded if they worked hard for a whole year for their semester grades. So here are the things that should show up under the Xmas tree. I tried not to stray too far from things I think would be actually practical for most girls.